All You Need To Know About Sean Paul’s Son – Levi Blaze!

Sean Paul is a well known Jamaican singer, rapper, and record producer who was born Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques.

Jodi Stewart Henriques, with whom he shares two children, was the rapper’s genuine love.  On May 26, 2012, the gorgeous couple tied the wedding.

Sean Paul gave birth to his son Levi Blaze Henriques on February 26, 2017, and his daughter Remi Leigh Henriques on August 20, 2019.

His son has already made his acting debut in Paul’s music video for Big Tings and is well-known among fans.  So, let’s learn a little bit more about Sean’s oldest child.

Following in the Footsteps of Father

As previously said, Sean Paul’s kid has already made his acting debut, but did you know that he has also begun to absorb his father’s ways?  He stated that he will collaborate with anyone in the industry that wishes to restore the Jamaican spirit.

As a result, it’s clear that he instills in his son a respect for Jamaican music.  Not only that, but we can assume he’s instilling in his youngster a respect for all forms of art.

Levi, Paul’s son, has already made his acting debut

Sean shared a photo of himself, his wife, and their son, along with the caption “Every rockstar needs a sidekick.”

He was plainly directing his finger towards Levi, his three-year-old kid.  Furthermore, Paul has begun teaching his son how to play the drums.  Well, Levi isn’t perfect yet, but he is still a child.  Paul is clearly hoping that his son will follow in his footsteps.

Paul and his son Levi, on the other hand, have a wonderful bond.  They can be seen spending quality time together as a father and son.  Little Levi, in particular, enjoys playing with his father.

A Look-Alike of His Father

It should come as no surprise that Levi is a miniature version of his father.  Why won’t he look like his father? He already has his father’s wonderful looks, and his father makes him dress like a miniature version of himself.

As a result, it’s clear that Levi is a doppelganger for Paul’s father. In addition, Levi enjoys music just as much as his father, which we consider to be a bonus.  They have the same laugh, grin, and serious expression.

Whereas there are numerous photographs of the father-son duo, demonstrating that they are far more alike than you might think.

A Lovely Four-Person Family

You might consider yourself fortunate to have such a beautiful and caring lady as your wife.  When it comes to the Henriques family, Paul has always been the focus of attention.  His wife, Jodi Stewart, is the glue that ties the family together.

His wife is the one who looks after their children when he is away at work.  Yes, Jodi is to blame for their children’s upbringing.

It is self-evident that a child has a close relationship with his mother.

Levi Blaze, Sean Paul’s son, likewise has a close relationship with his mother.

He assists her with her training, gets dressed with her, and most importantly, spends time with her. Jodi and Paul enjoy some quality time with their baby Levi.

Furthermore, Levi appears to be having a good time with his mother and younger sibling.  Even his latest birthday was as extravagant as it could be, with plenty of balloons and a large cake, and little Levi seemed to be having a great time.

Name Meaning

Levi Blaze Henriques is a Hebrew name that means “connected, attached.”

Blaze, his middle name, is Latin in origin and means “fire.”

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