All You Need To Know About Mo’Nique’s Son With Mark Jackson – Shalon Jackson!

Mo’Nique’s son, Shalon Jackson, was born in 1990 and is an American actor. Monique Angela Hicks, also known as Mo, gave birth to her first child with her ex-husband, Mark Jackson. Mark Jackson Jr., Shalon’s younger brother, with whom he has a tight bond. After four years of marriage, former couple Mo’Nique and Mark split in 2001.

Sydney Hicks, Mo’Nique’s husband, is the actress’s second husband, having married her in 2006. Mo’Nique has two children with Sydney: David Hicks and Jonathan Hicks. Shalon has two half-brothers, David and Jonathan.

Shalon Jackson, Mo’Nique’s son, had a tense relationship with her

Shalon Jackson, like many other children who are enraged by their parents, went through a similar phase. Shalon received little to no attention as a child because his mother, Mo’Nique, was busy shooting movies. Shalon had emotional requirements that only a loving mother could meet, even while his physical needs were addressed. Shalon yearned for his mama Mo’s presence in the family as he grew up. All he had to play horseback with was his father, Mark.

In a candid interview, Mo’Nique admits that her dream of success and recognition may have come true. Despite the fact that her hard work paid off and she was awarded an Oscar, Mo’ believes there will always be an unfilled vacuum in her heart. Sure, she made sacrifices, such as abandoning her oldest son Shalon and her husband Sydney to pursue a Hollywood career. “I was seeking celebrity,” Mo’Nique continued, “and I couldn’t be a good mother or a caring wife.”

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Half-siblings of Shalon Jackson are twins

Shalon has a wonderful set of half-brothers with whom he enjoys a special tie as a family. We’re sure the siblings like posing for photos together in front of the camera. As a result, Mo’Nique’s children with her husband Sydney Hicks are actually twins, which is a little-known fact. Sydney’s marriage to her current husband is also a “open marriage.”

David and Jonathan Hicks, twin sons, are the most treasured parts of their parents’ hearts. Sydney Hicks, the children’s father, enjoys spending time with his adorable sons. Shalon loves his half-siblings as a family, despite the fact that they were born through a stepfather. Shalon Jackson appears to have a particular relationship with his half-siblings and is a caring half-brother to them.

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Shalon Jackson’s Meaning of Name

Shalon is an American name that means “flat clearing.”

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