All You Need To Know About Mark Geragos’ Wife – Paulette Kassabian Geragos!

Born in Los Angeles, California, Mark Geragos is a criminal defense attorney and the managing partner of the law firm Geragos & Geragos in Los Angeles. Geragos is a Haverford College alumnus who has worked as a celebrity lawyer for more than three decades.

He originally gained national recognition after representing Susan McDougal, ex-president Bill Clinton’s business associate. Geragos has represented a number of well-known clients since then, including Jeremy Mayfield, Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, and Greg Anderson.

Mark Geragos, a celebrity attorney, has been married to Paulette Kassabian Geragos for nearly half a century. We have gathered some information regarding Mark’s wife, despite the fact that he is normally silent about his personal life. Please take a closer look at Paulette Kassabian Geragos, Mark Geragos’ wife, as well as her professional accomplishments.

Paulette Geragos is the owner of a school-themed jewelry line

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Paulette Kassabian, the wife of one of the most powerful American lawyers, Mark Geragos, is the proprietor of Bling by the Yard, a school-themed jewelry company. She started the jewelry company in 2007 with a longtime friend, Georgette Cooper. Paulette’s Bling by the Yard specializes in necklaces and bracelets featuring college, university, fraternity, and sorority colors. Paulette donates a portion of her jewelry profits to local public schools.

Paulette Geragos’ wife, according to her Linkedin profile, is also an owner of Floriage in La Canada Flintridge, California. In 1998, she started her Floraige business. (alprazolam) Paulette, Mark’s artistic wife, frequently flaunts her unique and stunning creations on her social media profiles.

Paulette Kassabian Geragos, who holds a Bachelor of Science in History and French Literature from McKenna College, is also an event planner and property manager in La Canada-Flintridge, California. She attended Westridge School in Pasadena, California, before graduating from Claremont McKenna College in 1985.

Mark Geragos’ wife adores animals

Paulette Kassabian Geragos, Mark Geragos’s creative wife, is an animal lover. She loves to include numerous animal designs into her creations, in addition to having a strong interest for jewelry design. Paulette’s enthusiasm for animals is also evident on her Instagram profile. On her Instagram, she frequently posts images of her two beloved dogs playing and traveling with her.

Paulette Geragos, Mark Geragos’ wife, likewise appears to enjoy working in her garden. She constantly updates her social media profiles with photos of her crops. Mark Geragos appears to eat a lot of healthy, organic veggies and fruits that his adored wife harvests on their own farm.

With Mark Geragos, she is the mother of two children

As previously stated, Mark Geragos and his wife, Paulette Geragos, have been married for quite some time. Their union has resulted in the birth of two talented and beautiful children, a girl and a son.

Teny Geragos, the daughter of Mark and Paulette Geragos, is a well-known attorney in the United States, just like her father. She is currently employed by Brafman & Associates, PC as an attorney. Similarly, Jake Geragos, Paulette’s son with Mark Geragos, appears to be interested in cooking. Jake enjoys cooking for his family on important occasions.

Paulette Kassabian Geragos, who was born in Pasadena, California, is currently living in La Cana Flintridge, California, with her long-time spouse.

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