All You Need To Know About Lil Wayne’s Son – Dwayne Carter III!

Dwayne Carter III, the son of rapper Lil Wayne, was born on October 22, 2008. Carter III is the rapper’s second child. Dwayne Carter III, Lil Wayne’s son with ex-girlfriend Sarah Vivan, was born at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dwayne Carter III’s mother’s name was not divulged at first; it was only afterwards that it was discovered. From his father’s side, Dwayne Michael Carter III has three half-siblings. Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne’s daughter with ex-wife Antonia Wright, is his older half-sister.

Neal Carter and Cameron Carter, Lil Wayne’s sons with ex-girlfriend Nivea and baby mom Lauren London, are his younger half-brothers. Dwayne has a sister named Essence Vivan, Sarah Vivan’s daughter, on his mother’s side.

Like Father, Like Son, Dwayne Carter III

Dwyane Wade is already following in his father Lil Wayne’s footsteps. A fan account for Lil Wayne just posted a video of his sons Dwayne, Neal, and Cameron making a music video for Chris Brown’s song “Loyal,” which features Lil Wayne and Tyga. We must say, though, that all of Lil Wayne’s sons performed admirably for their ages.

Who knows, maybe Dwayne Carter, like his father Lil Wayne, will grow up to be a great rapper in the future. Dwayne, in addition to rapping like his father, enjoys skating like Wayne. There are a number of things that the father and son have in common.

Skating is also a favorite pastime for the father-son duo. In 2016, Lil Wayne and his son Dwayne were seen skateboarding in Atalanta. On a skateboard, they were practicing new tricks.

Lil Wayne’s youngster looks just like his father and could follow in his footsteps in the future. We can see that Dywane Michael is a mini-Lil Wayne, and that he has a terrific relationship with his father.

Dwayne Carter III’s birthday was celebrated with a soccer-themed party hosted by Lil Wayne

One thing is certain: Lil Wayne adores all four of his children equally. Dwayne Carter’s 10th birthday was celebrated by his father Lil Wayne with a soccer-themed party, as Dwayne is a passionate soccer enthusiast.

Dwayne Wayne, Lil Wayne’s gorgeous son, not only received a magnificent cake, but he also had the opportunity to play soccer with goalkeeper Brad Guzan at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Isn’t it true that having a celebrity parent gives you an advantage?

Furthermore, with Lil Wayne’s astronomical net worth of $150 million, he is most likely living a wealthy and magnificent existence. Lil Wayne must be doing everything he can simply to see Dwayne Johnson’s gorgeous smile.

He’s Living With His Mother

Dwayne Wayne, Lil Wayne’s son, was living with his mother and half-sister, Essence, in 2018, according to Heavy. Because his father is always busy, he is most likely still with his mother. Sarah may be providing excellent care for both of her children.

Lil Wayne appears to visit his son frequently in order to spend quality time with him. As a result, Dwayne’s connection with his father and mother appears to be fine.

Name Meaning

Dwayne is an anglicized version of the Irish name Dubhán, which meaning “little dark one.” Michael’s name comes from the Hebrew word mkh”l, which means ‘Who is like God?’

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