All You Need To Know About Leland Chapman’s Daughter – Leiah Breanna Chapman!

Leiah Breanna Chapman

Leiah Breanna Chapman, Leland Chapman’s daughter, was born on September 5, 2010. She is Leland’s sole child from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Lynette Yi.

Leiah is Leland’s youngest kid. Dakota Chapman and Cobie Chapman, Leland’s sons with ex-wife Maui Chapman, are her elder half-siblings. Lynette is currently married to Jason Ridge, while her father, Leland, is married to Jamie Pilar Chapman.

Leiah Breanna, Leland Chapman’s daughter, is Mama’s girl

Lynette’s favorite girl is Leiah, an attractive eight-year-old. Lynette is a pleased mother since she has a daughter named Leiah. She adores her mother so much that she volunteered to be the maid of honor at Lynette’s wedding. They have such a beautiful relationship and have such a sweet affinity.

Leiah is very close with her father, Leland, and stepmother, Jamie Pilar Chapman. Leiah gets to spend meaningful time with her father and step-mom in addition to her mother. She adores spending time with them, and we can tell from her photos that she has the finest time with both of her parents.

Lynette, Leiah’s mother, is proud of her daughter’s interest in Tahitian dancing. She even performed it during the wedding of her mum. The lovely Leiah is a lovely little mama’s girl! She is a lovely and excellent Tahitian dancer. Her beautiful dancing should be seen by everyone!

From what we can tell, Leiah is growing up to be a healthy and attractive young lady. She is such a blessed girl to have such wonderful people in her life that adore and respect her.

Leiah Breanna Chapman is a character in the Star Wars franchise. Leiah is an English name for a girl that comes from the Hebrew language. It’s a spelling variation of the name Leah, which meaning “tired.” Breanna, on the other hand, is an American name that means noble and strong.

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