All You Need To Know About JC Chasez’ Married Life and Relationships!

What One Direction is to today’s teenagers, NSYNC was to millennial teenagers in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The band had the same fervor and fan base as One Direction today, and the majority of its admirers were ladies. It’s no surprise that the band’s lead vocalist, JC Chasez, had a horde of female fans back then.

JC Chasez- Relationship Status

The music star, born Joshua Scott Chasez, was often in the news due to his love life. In 2011, he was romantically related to the American model Kathryn Smith. There were even reports that JC was engaged to be married.

In 2014, the couple was still dating when they were photographed together at Golden Gate Park, watching Downtown Beatdown – World Fighting Championships, an amateur MMA match. JC’s divorce from Kathryn has not been documented, despite the fact that he was listed as single by PEOPLE in April 2017.

Prior to his relationship with the supermodel, the former boy bander was linked to former Pussycats Dolls member Rachel Sterling.

After being seen leaving the MyHouse Nightclub together in 2009, the couple was speculated to be dating. Chasez had gone to great pains a year before dating Rachel to dispel the gay allegations that had been flying about him and was being linked with Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford.

He told Kiss FM 104.7 that he was sexually straight and that Chace was only a friend. He was reported to have said,

Similarly, in 2005, the 21 and a Wake-Up movie star dated adult star Stefani Morgan. The couple was only together for a short period before splitting up. Morgan stated that Chasez was insecure about what she did professionally, which led to their breakup.

Similarly, in 2004, the musician had a brief affair with American actress Eva Longoria. After appearing hand in hand at the Kodak Theatre for the premiere of Ten Commandments, the couple ignited speculations about their relationship.

The pair were photographed together celebrating Eva’s 30th birthday and also at numerous social gatherings. However, JC Chasez’s unwillingness to take the relationship seriously led to the couple’s split in December 2004. Prior to Eva, Chasez was in relationships with American actress Tara Reid (2002), Canadian TV actress Emmanuelle Chiriqui (2001-02), NBC Network style editor Bobbie Thomas (1997), and singer Nikki DeLoach (1992-97). Despite being linked to a number of celebrities, the gorgeous singer is apparently unmarried and focused on his job. Chasez’s late dawn is another chapter in his colorful life, and everyone is waiting to see how it turns out this time.

Now I’m Preoccupied With JC Chasez Career

Chasez, the ultimate playboy, has had multiple flings with various women during his dating life.

After all of his romantic adventures with many ladies, the heartthrob singer still does not have someone he can name his wife and is currently single. The singer is not involved with anyone and is enjoying his forties on his own.

Since splitting up with Kathryn Smith in 2013, the former boyband singer has been focusing more on his business. The musician joined Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar on a cross-country tour.

Chasez has appeared in two films since 2013, Red Sky (2014) and Opening Night (2015), in addition to music (2017).

Similarly, when he turned 40, he was reunited with his old pals from the band NSYNC. Chasez’s milestone birthday was celebrated with his buddies. And two years later, Chasez was back with his band, reuniting when his previous band, NSYNC, was inducted into the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

This is a far cry from his earlier days in the noughties when his confusing love life and ever-changing partner landed him on page six of newspapers.

In August 2018, JC made a special cameo on the revival of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, which catapulted him to stardom overnight. JC featured in the episode “Back to School Special,” which broadcast on August 10, 2018, in a minor part, however his presence was praised by audiences.

JC has not stated whether he will return to the show, but even with his limited role, the revival has gained traction in attracting viewers.

Mother gives up a child for adoption; adoptee takes foster parents’ names

JC was born in Bowie, Maryland, and was put up for adoption by his biological mother when he was five years old. Roy and Karen Chasez, who were also foster parents to JC’s birth mother, raised him.

After the formal procedures for adoption were completed, JC adopted their surname and grew up with his siblings, a brother named Tyler and a sister named Heather Chasez. The 42-year-old singer/actor grew up as a Mennonite and attended Robert Goddard Middle School before enrolling at Bowie High School.

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