All To Know About Elizabeth Potthast Including Her Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, And Pregnancy!

Elizabeth Potthast

Elizabeth Potthast’s life has changed dramatically after the 2016 season of 90 Day Fiance. From meeting the love of her life to dealing with her family’s disapproval, her love story was nothing short of a tale of star-crossed lovers.

She was in a quiet predicament, forced to choose between the family she grew up in and the one man who may bring her happiness. Did she marry her beau or did her family’s opposition win? Let us ascertain!

How Did She Meet Her Boyfriend for the First Time?

Elizabeth, 28, underwent a life change when she signed up for TLC’s 90 Day Fiance. She met Andrei Castravet via a dating app in 2016 after being profiled for season five of the dating program.

It was as though the couple was destined to be together, as they instantly connected and became engaged in August 2016.

Although the pair announced their engagement quite soon, it came as little surprise to fans.

According to the show’s concept, a couple is presented, and if they click, the next step is to become engaged. One of the couple’s members must be a foreign citizen with a visa that expires in 90 days; hence, the clock begins to tick on the lovebirds’ relationship.

Additionally, if the couple marries within 90 days, the foreigner in the relationship may remain in the United States. Otherwise, the poor guy/girl is forced to pack his/her belongings and return to his/her own country.
Elizabeth’s family was unconcerned when she entered the show, as they were content to let the talent scout enjoy her dating life. When the gorgeous brunette swiftly became engaged to the foreigner from Chisinau, Moldova, all hell broke loose.

Her family was concerned that Andrei desired a conservative wife. Additionally, they felt that he wanted to marry Elizabeth solely for the green card.
The TLC actress was divided between family obligations and her desire to be with her boyfriend. However, after overcoming numerous obstacles, she married her beau on 28th October 2017.

Elizabeth’s Baby Bliss

Happiness smiled at her as she received the greatest joy in the world. On 15 October 2018, she and Andrei announced their pregnancy.

Following her announcement, the expectant lady began sharing images of her baby belly on Instagram. The reality star welcomed her newborn daughter Eleanor on 23 January 2019 with Andrei by her side.
Elizabeth, who turns 30 on July 30, continues to share gorgeous pictures of her adorable munchkin on social media, causing everyone to fall in love with the baby girl.

On the Wiki of a Reality Star

Elizabeth had minor appearances on a few series before reaching the pinnacle of her career as a reality star.

To be sure, she portrayed a cashier on the popular drama Homeland. Likewise, she played a minor role in Secrets in the Snow.

To be sure, her prior credits and reality star fame contributed to her accumulating a respectable net worth, as did her pay of an average of $50,677 each year.

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