All Interesting Facts About The Ace Family’s Patriarch Austin McKinley McBroom

With the advancement of technology, the popularity of streaming sites such as YouTube has skyrocketed. The platform has proven to be a valuable resource for learning your course or watching videos. It has also become a source of income for many people. In addition, the YouTube platform has made a number of people famous around the world.

Austin McKinley McBroom is one such person who rose to fame as a result of his YouTube channel. The ACE Family, his family’s YouTube channel, has millions of subscribers and is adored by fans all over the world.

Fans and followers are curious about his personal life as a result of his growing popularity. So there you have it: seven fascinating facts about Austin McKinely McBroom.

His parents’ firstborn son

Austin McKinley McBroom, also known as Austin McBroom, is the patriarch of the ACE Family. He was born on May 20, 1992, in California, United States. Michole McBroom and Allen McBroom were his parents when he was born. Austin’s parents, sadly, are no longer married.

He is also the firstborn child of his parents, with a younger brother named Landon McBroom. Austin’s younger brother, Landon, is also a YouTuber and runs the Landon McBroom channel.

Both brothers McBroom have a special bond and are supportive of one another. Furthermore, the McBroom parents must be proud of their sons’ accomplishments and support them.

Austin McBroom used to play collegiate basketball

California-born Austin McBroom went to North Hollywood’s Campbell Hall School. In 2011, he graduated from high school. He was a three-sport athlete in high school, having played baseball and football in addition to basketball.

Austin was also named to the All-State football and basketball teams. He was a member of the Vikings’ state championship team during his freshman year. He committed to Central Michigan University after graduating from high school and spent a year there.

Austin appeared in 30 of the Chippewas’ 31 games, earning a berth in the Mid-American Conference Tournament. Austin, on the other hand, did not stay at the university and instead transferred to Saint Louis University in Missouri.

He was a member of the Saint Louis Billikens and appeared in 66 games for the team. In the 2014-15 season, he appeared in all 32 games for Saint Louis as a junior. Austin played for Saint Louis for two seasons before transferring to Eastern Washington University.

Austin’s fourth season of collegiate basketball was spent with the Eastern Washington Eagles. Despite the fact that his collegiate basketball career came to an end, he never entered the NBA Draft.

Austin McBroom Secretly Got Married

Austin McBroom’s love life, in addition to his successful YouTube career, appears to be a huge success. He is married to Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz, also known as Catherine McBroom, and they have a happy life together. In 2015, they met for the first time at a dinner party.

Austin revealed in an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles that he fell in love with Catherine at first sight and knew she was the one for him. Catherine, on the other hand, took a little longer to warm up to Austin. After that, the couple went to Nobu for dinner and continued to see each other.

Austin declared his love for Catherine after a while, which she ignored because she wasn’t used to such a grand declaration so soon. Paiz said in the interview that she didn’t think the relationship would last long.

But the opposite happened, and the couple continued to date for another two years before getting engaged in August 2017. They posted their engagement video to their YouTube channel, where it became a three-day trend.

In addition, the engaged couple married in the same year, which they announced in January 2020. In their backyard, they secretly exchanged vows. In addition, neither Catherine nor Austin’s parents were present at the wedding. However, witnesses included McBroom’s grandmother and Catherine’s brother, Ryan Johnston.

The McBrooms are planning a big wedding, and we’re hoping for it to happen soon.

Three-Child Father

Austin McBroom, the patriarch of the ACE Family, is the proud father of three children, whom he welcomed with his partner, Catherine Paiz. They have two lovely daughters and a handsome son. After the birth of their daughter Elle Lively McBroom, Austin McBroom became a father for the first time.

On May 28, 2016, Catherine gave birth to Elle, a year after they started dating. Alaia Marie McBroom, their second daughter, was born two years later, on October 17, 2018. They announced the birth of their baby girl on Instagram. They even uploaded a video of them greeting her later.

Catherine stated in one of their videos that she wanted three children. Austin has also stated that he will not stop until he obtains his “mini-me.” Catherine also revealed that a psychic revealed her life to her when she was ten years old.

When Catherine and Austin welcomed their son, Steel McBroom, on June 20, 2020, the psychic words came true. They kept their third pregnancy with the baby boy a secret for the first few months of the pregnancy, then revealed the good news via an Instagram post in January 2020.

Kids of Austin McBroom

Catherine McBroom and Austin McBroom have two daughters and a son. Austin McBroom’s Instagram account is the source of this image.

The couple released a YouTube video a few weeks after the announcement, in which they revealed the due date of their baby boy: June 25. Steel, on the other hand, arrived five days ahead of schedule. Austin and Catherine include their children in their YouTube videos, and they each have their own Instagram account with millions of followers.

His YouTube channel has millions of subscribers.

Austin McBroom rose to prominence as a result of his YouTube channel, as previously stated. With his wife Catherine and their firstborn, Elle, he launched the channel in 2016. The name of the channel, ACE, is a combination of their initials, A for Austin, C for Catherine, and E for Elle. When the channel first started, they would frequently upload videos of pranks that they would pull on one another.

They then began participating in challenges and vlogging their daily lives. After a while, they switched to weekly posting instead of daily. The channel has 19 million subscribers and features a variety of videos, including Q&A videos, challenges, pranks, and important life events.

Their proposal video, which they uploaded in August 2017, is the most viewed video on the channel, with over 39 million views. Their channel is growing in popularity every day, and they are becoming more well-known around the world.

They also own the ACE merchandise and sell a variety of items such as caps, hoodies, T-shirts, bottles, blankets, and a variety of other items. Similarly, the couple’s music videos have been uploaded to their YouTube channel.

You’re My ACE,” Austin and Catherine’s first music video, was released in 2017. Glenn Travis co-produced the music video, which has received 27 million views. Following that, the couple released two more music videos, “Giddy Up” and “Only One.” Those videos, too, received a lot of attention.

Austin’s estimated monthly and annual earnings range from $2.4K to $37.9K and $28.4K to $455.2K, according to Social Blade. As one might expect, Austin McKinley McBroom’s net worth is substantial, owing to his celebrity and YouTube channels.

Austin McBroom has been embroiled in a number of Controversies

Being a celebrity is difficult, especially when you are constantly followed by paparazzi. Austin, unfortunately, has experienced the same thing. He’s been involved in a number of controversies, some of which he has denied, and others about which he has chosen to remain silent.

Austin was charged with sexualizing a minor. He was seen buying a male-genital-shaped candy in a video that has since been removed. It was assumed that the girl was a member of the extended family. Catherine and Austin, on the other hand, remained silent on the topic.

Similarly, Austin was embroiled in a new controversy when some of his old tweets were unearthed and he was accused of being racist. He responded to the tweets. He, on the other hand, refused to apologize to them. Furthermore, his mother defended him in a YouTube video posted on his channel, claiming that because he is multiracial, he cannot be racist.

Aside from this, he has been involved in a number of other controversies. Hopefully, the issues have been resolved.

Austin McBroom fought in a boxing match

Austin took part in the “Battle of the Platforms” event in June 2021. It was a boxing event where some TikTok and YouTube influencers competed against each other. He fought Bryce Hall of TikTok and won the match by technical knockout.

Furthermore, it is unknown how much Austin was compensated for his involvement in the fight. Later, he revealed that he would accept a lower salary than Bryce’s reported $5 million contract, in exchange for a $1 million bonus as part of a bet for knocking him out.

In an event, Austin McBroom competed against TikTok’s Bryce Hall. Austin McBroom’s Instagram account is the source of this image.

Austin’s YouTube channel must have brought him a large sum of money. He must be living the good life with a fortune of $2 million. Nonetheless, we wish him continued success in the coming days.

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