All About Torrance Coombs’ Bio, Wife, Family, Age, and Net Worth

Torrance Coombs is a well-known Canadian television actor. On the long list of his acting contributions to the television industry, Till the Day I Die and What, Will, I, Have, Left are two episodes of The Originals that aired in 2018.

In addition to The Originals, he has been in TV shows such as Heartland, Endgame, and Reign. Torrance also appeared in the Showtime series The Tudors as Callum Blue. Torrance Coombs has also appeared in films, including short films such as Judy’s Comeuppance and The Familiar, for which he was nominated for Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama at the Leo Awards.

He co-starred with Henry Rollins and Victoria Pratt in the 2016 American action film The Last Heist as Paul.

Torrance’s Wife: Who Is She?

Torrance is one lucky guy since he met Alyssa Campanella, a.k.a. Miss California before she became Miss USA in 2011. The good news for the frosty blue-eyed actor is that he piqued Alyssa’s interest with his show The Tudors, and she became a fan long before the couple hooked up. Torrance is abbreviated as “T” by Alyssa.

Alyssa was 21 years old when she won the beauty contest, and Torrance was a hunky Hollywood beau at the age of 28. Torrance tweeted after Alyssa was elected Miss USA 2011: “After dating for four more years, the couple got engaged in June 2015.” They uploaded a cute snapshot in which Alyssa flaunted her sapphire ring. For the occasion, the actor jokingly tweeted on Instagram:

“Pardon my French, but HOLY F***! SHE WON! Congrats to @AlyssCampanella, Miss USA 2011. I am a puddle.”

After four years of dating, the couple got engaged in June 2015. They uploaded a cute snapshot in which Alyssa flaunted her sapphire ring. For the occasion, the actor jokingly tweeted on Instagram:

“I showed @alysscampanella a shiny thing and she put it on her finger. @krissygimenez.”

On April 2, 2016, the pair married in a luxurious vineyard just outside of Santa Barbara, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

Alyssa remembers the day vividly and was looking forward to starting a new life with her husband. The former Miss California claims she was delighted to learn about their royal California wedding.

The married pair, on the other hand, did not have a healthy connection because they both had to travel all over the world for their work and had to deal with long-distance relationships at times.

Even though it was a challenging period in their marriage, the beauty queen saw the long-distance relationship positively, as she wrote on The A-List on March 8, 2018.

“The best part about being separated for a time? That same exact butterfly feeling I had on the night we met nearly 8 years ago comes fluttering back every moment I see him again. I won’t see Tor again until March 26, but I am looking forward to that giddy butterfly feeling on that day.”

Regardless, Torrance and his wife made a personal declaration on Twitter on April 19th, 2019:

“With sadness, Torrance and I are announcing that we have separated. We’ve shared an incredible life together over the last 9 years…..we still love and respect each other very much…but the time has come to pursue new paths.”

After the amicable breakup, the duo has concentrated its emphasis on their individual jobs.

Relationship Status

Torrance, 36, is possibly single following the breakup of his longtime fiancée Alyssa. Many admirers were curious about Torrance’s sexual orientation even during their partnership. Torrance has stated unequivocally that he is heterosexual.

Torrance wrote on Twitter in 2014, in response to one of his supporters,

“@lannywinchester: Are you gay? Just curiosity” No, but I am fabulousssssss!”

So, women, don’t give up hope just yet. The lovely actor with a towering height of 6 feet (1.83 m) is available and ready for you to take advantage of.

Family and Wealth

Torrance was born in Vancouver, Canada, to Charlotte Coombs, a charming mother, and a Professor father.

Torrance is close to his family, as evidenced by his frequent references to his father and mother on social media. Interestingly, he shared a photo of his family in the same area, practically in the same stance, 15 years apart, with the following lines:

“When I was 6 years old, my parents took me to Solvang. This weekend, we gathered there again and recreated this photo.”

Torrance also tweeted on October 17, 2016:

“You guys my parents came to visit me in Spain and my mom just made me Nanaimo bars. I am a happy fat Canadian.”

More than Torrance’s past and family, his followers are curious about his riches. The actor has kept his wealth information private, leaving only a speck of information about how much he has earned as a professional TV actor.

Although his exact net worth is unknown, People with Money said that Torrance is one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities, earning more than $50 million between September 2018 and September 2019.

Although the breakup was difficult for him, the dollar bills could help to alleviate some of his grief.

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