All About Sophia Lucia Wiki: Who Is This Young Dancer And How Old Is She?

Sophia Lucia, a kid prodigy, is a new emerging star who has won people’s hearts with her incredible dancing abilities. She rose to prominence at an early age, not only as a dancer but also as a reality star and TV personality. Because Sophia rose to fame in such a short period of time, her ascension to the top sparked public interest.

So, what does her path to success look like? Continue reading to find out!

Sophia’s Ascension to Stardom

Sophia Maria Lucia, the new wonder who has carved her place on the list of superstars with her beautiful dancing, was born on September 7, 2002. In the 2017/2018 academic year, the 15-year-old is in 9th grade. Sophia devotes six hours per day to schoolwork and 7-8 hours per day to practice because she is homeschooled by a teacher.

Sophia has always loved to dance; she began practicing at the age of two and began competing in local performances when she was three.

Sophia, despite her young age, provides a magnificent performance and has astounded everyone with her flawless dancing skills. She does, however, provide 30-40 hours of training every week. Sophia joins Champion Rhythmic Gymnastics to develop her flexibility and posture in addition to her great talents.

Sophia’s dancing career took off when she began uploading videos to YouTube, despite the fact that her skills were amazing. Soon after, her fame skyrocketed, and she appeared on shows such as ‘X-Factor,’ ‘Shake It Up,’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Later that year, Sophia made her first appearance as a child actor in the film ‘The Shirley Temple Story,’ where she amazed everyone with her talent as well as her adorable appearance. So, following her great debut, she began her modeling career for ‘California Kisses‘ later that year.

As her celebrity grew, Sophia was invited to appear on the popular show ‘Dance Moms’ in 2013 alongside her mother, Jackie Lucia; however, they had to leave the show before it finished.

Sophia later announced to her admirers that her grandfather had a heart attack and that she wished to be with him. She also stated that she didn’t notify anyone because her mother didn’t want any problems surrounding her.

Sophia was invited to join the Abby Lee Dance Company the same year, but she declined after Abby, the dance instructor, chastised her for her high-pitched voice.

The next year, Sophia broke Alicia Clifton’s Guinness World Record of 36 consecutive pirouettes with her 55 pirouettes in a row.
Sophia’s abilities not only made her famous but also earned her the title of ‘Junior Female Best Dancer’ at The Dance Awards earlier in 2014, after which she began sponsoring Capezio Shoes for children and teenagers, as well as several other dancewear businesses.

Sophia has always wanted to be a contestant on the hit show ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ She had wanted to be on the show since she was a child, and in 2016, she realized her dream by auditioning for the 13th season.

Sophia is fairly young in comparison to other dancers, but her enthusiasm has allowed her to grasp the dancing skills that very few of them have gained. She has been able to achieve this because of her ability to engage the audience with her performance. The other reason for her success is her punctuality and professionalism during the shoot.

Sophia, despite being a teenager, has avoided controversies and, according to her, is not in the dating game right now. Despite being matched with Jack Beckham, she considers him a friend since she is focused on her job and hasn’t let anyone get in her way.

Sophia, who is 5’41/2″ tall, is now studying with Slavomir Wozniack, Master Ballet, Masha Weitz, Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastic instructor, and Pilates/ Gyro Tonic Training.

Some wiki sites estimate Sophia’s net worth is about $1 million, but she has yet to offer an official comment on the actual figures!\

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