All About Skylar Neil – Vince Neil’s Daughter Who Died

Vince On March 26, 1991, Neil’s daughter Skylar Lynnae Neil, the lead vocalist of Motley Crue, was born. The sad kid, however, died of cancer on August 15, 1995. She was diagnosed with a tumor, a type of kidney cancer that affects children. According to one account, she only stayed in the hospital for four months after being admitted. Regardless, she was a wonderful young lady who was the pride and joy of her father.

If Skylar had lived, she would have matured into a wonderful woman by today. Her half-sisters, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and Neil Jason Wharton are both married and have children.

Skylar Lynnae’s Death Brought Huge Influence Over Vince Neil

Skylar’s father, Vince, lost her in a short period of time, and Vince’s life was turned completely upside down.

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Skylar Neil
Caption: Vince Neil and his ex-girlfriend Sharise Ruddell with their daughter Skylar Lynnae, the couple’s only child Source-Getty images

For nearly two years, he disregarded his band, family, and friends. He had such a self-destructive period that he even tried suicide. The artist announced his intention to die in a video, saying that it was the only way he could be with her. That was the most terrible year her father had ever had. Skylar’s mother and Vince’s soon-to-be-wife at the time, Sharise Ruddell, ended their relationship.

We don’t believe in miracles, but they do occur occasionally. Only a few people had the chance to speak with them. Vince Neil experienced the same scenario while suffering from severe post-traumatic stress as a result of his child’s death. Skylar Lynnae, Vince’s daughter, paid him a late-night visit, according to a YouTube video. Her grief over her father’s passing must be palpable.

After a few years, Vince released “Skylar’s Song” as a single as a tribute to his late daughter. The money he had accumulated was used to help cancer patients.

Skylar Neil’s Death Was  Due To Rocketdyne

When Skylar died, things did not end well. According to her relatives, Skylar died of cancer as a result of radioactive waste put in the land and rivers near Vince’s home. A lawsuit has been launched against Boeing North America Inc. by Vince. Her death, according to the findings, was directly caused by Rocketdyne’s multiple activities, which shocked the entire nation.

All good things must come to an end, and Vince Neil moved on as time passed, but his love for his child never faded.

Skylar Lynnae Neil: Name Meaning

Skylar is a name derived from the Dutch language. It’s also probable that it’s related to Kyler, which means “little warrior” in German. Lynnae is a Scandinavian name that translates to “lime or linden tree.”

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