All About Olivia Dudley Relationship Status, Parents, And Net Worth!

Olivia Dudley

Olivia Dudley, an American actress, has demonstrated considerable talent in several of her critically-lauded films. The actress is best known for her roles in horror and thriller films, having been in critically praised films such as Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and Chernobyl Diaries.

Additionally, her recurrent role on the Syfy Network’s The Magician has elevated her acting career.

Along with providing her with notable exposure, the show has aided her in finding love. While office romance is not universally regarded as a horrible notion, Olivia has found it to be rather enjoyable.

Relationship Status and Previous Relationships

Olivia is in a relationship with Elie Smolkin, an American cinematographer. The duo met on the set of The Magicians, where she played Alice Quinn in a recurring role.

Meanwhile, Elie, her lover, worked on the program as the Director of Photography. While the two had known each other since 2015, they only began dating in 2017.

Olivia and Elie were also photographed together at the 2017 ASC Awards, which took place on February 6, 2017.

Despite dating for more than two years, the artist maintains a strong bond with her cinematographer partner. The two are frequently spotted together celebrating various events and occasions.

On 3 July 2019, the two spent precious time together, and Elie even treated the actress to a birthday celebration.

Additionally, Olivia is involved in a number of her boyfriend’s ventures. Thus, if the couple maintains their relationship, supporters may consider themselves fortunate to see them as husband and wife.

However, Olivia’s first love is not Elie. Previously, she was involved with another independent director, Evan Glodell. They dated for over five years before deciding to end their relationship in 2016.

Age, Parents, and Dimensions

Olivia – height 5 feet and 3 inches (1.6 meters) – was born in California on 4 November 1985. She was raised in Morro Bay by her loving parents, Jim and Saundra Dudley.

The actor graduated from Morro Bay High School in 2002 as the only child in her family. Following that, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Olivia made her acting debut in 2007’s The Anna Nicole Smith Story.

Information Regarding Net Worth

Despite her modest project portfolio, Olivia has amassed a sustainable net worth of $1.5 million. Additionally, her earnings have increased after she was revealed as a cast member of the upcoming film Canary.

Given that the film is being financed by the Russo Brothers – the same people behind Avengers: Endgame – she probably received a large payment.

Additionally, her show The Magician has been renewed for a fourth season for 2019. Thus, the project will undoubtedly help her maintain a healthy bank balance.

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