All About Nico Rosberg Marriage with Vivian Sibold and There Daughter

F1 racer Nico Rosberg always maintained a stable relationship with just one individual, with the exception of rival/teammate Lewis Hamilton’s high-flying liaisons.

Nico Rosberg, a racer with dual citizenship in Germany and Finland, competed under the German flag. 2016 Formula One World Champion, he was.

He has been married to Vivian Sibold for a considerable amount of time. More than 14 years have passed since they started dating. They make an excellent parenting partnership for their daughters. Longtime childhood sweethearts, the pair dated for 11 years before tying the knot.

Marriage with Vivian and Daughters

Vivian and Nico had been friends since they were young. Before finally getting married, they dated for 11 years. In July 2014, they were united in marriage in front of their loved ones and closest friends. The racer himself made the announcement of their nuptials via his social media page.

After one year of marriage, they had Alaa Rosberg as their first child in August 2015. When the dad works long hours and has less time for family, they become the best parents and partners for raising a healthy child together. In 2017, they had their second child, a daughter named Naila Rosberg. Nico affirms that Vivian is a wonderful mother and wife.

Family Early Retirement

When an F1 racer put pressure on himself, not only did his coworkers make sure he had all the encouragement and support he needed to succeed, but his wife also walked the journey alongside him.

His focus was on winning the F1 race, while Vivian took care of the family side of things during that time. She took care of their young daughter Alaa while giving Nico time to recuperate and recover from racing.

After taking home the 2016 Formula One World Championship, Nico made the difficult decision to end his professional career due to the strain it has had on his family. He shocked the world by taking early retirement at the age of 32.

Just before the 2017 racing season got underway, he announced his retirement and promised to remain active in the sport as a Mercedes ambassador. The pair resides in Ibiza, where Vivian owns Vivi’s Creamery, an ice cream shop.

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