All About Halsey’s Father Chris Frangipane. His Financial Troubles And More

Chris Frangipane was a general sales manager at Rossi Chevrolet Buick GMC and a former manager of a car dealership. However, Chris is better known to the general public as the father of Halsey, one of the rapidly rising self-made artists.

The daughter of Chris Frangipane has sold over 1 million records worldwide thanks to her distinctive singing voice.

Additionally, the Frangipane family has a history of financial difficulties that at one point even caused Halsey to leave college. But now, everyone in the family has achieved financial stability and is quite successful in their respective fields.

Today, however, we’ll talk about Chris Frangipane’s lifestyle, early years, marriage, and a lot more details. Please read the entire article to find out everything about him.

Who Are the Parents of Chris Frangipane?

The father of Christopher is James Frangipane. Sadly, his father passed away in 2011. According to reports, James passed away when he was in his late 80s. Chris’s son Sevian shared the sad news on his Facebook in August of that year with the caption,

I’m the one who will carry on our family name, and I’ll always love and miss you. R.I.P. James Frangipane, my grandpa, and my father.

His mother’s specifics, however, continue to be kept out of the media.

His Ethnic Background

Chris, aka Christopher Frangipane, is an African-American with American citizenship who was born and raised in the United States.

Frangipane Chris Early Life And Age

As of 2022, Chris is 49 years old. He was conceived on September 25, 1972. His daughter Halsey shared a few images in September 2020 in honor of her father’s 48th birthday. She penned,

“Today is my Dad’s birthday! I’m sorry I chose these images, silly. They simply make me smile all the time. I adore you, and I think you’re the most endearing, perceptive, and decent person I know.

Regarding his education, Frangipane enrolled at Teaneck, New Jersey’s Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1992 and earned his degree there in 1997.

Who is Chris Frangipane, the father of Halsey? He once worked for a car dealership.

He has worked as a manager in the auto industry for many years. When considering the beginning of his career, Frangipane first became employed as a general sales manager at the Ayers Chevrolet dealership in December 2003. He spent nearly a decade with Ayers, where he worked until October 2013, a significant portion of his career.

Chris obtained the same position at Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, New Jersey, in November of that same year. The Volvo brand of luxury vehicles, including SUVs, is sold by the business Leonard Haiken founded. He spent more than a year working for the business before joining Rossi Chevrolet Buick GMC in Washington Township, New Jersey, which sells Chevrolet vehicles. And in April 2017 he ended his two years of employment there.

Who Is the Wife of Chris Frangipane?

With his wife Nicole Frangipane, the former sales manager Chris has enjoyed a happy marriage for many years. Their wife of Chris is of Italian and Hungarian ancestry.

Despite being married to people of different races, it appears that they haven’t changed from when their love story began, and their level of commitment also doesn’t seem to have changed.

Additionally, Frangipane’s spouse works as an EMT. She is a member of a hospital’s security team.

In total, Chris and Nicole have three children as a result of Halsey’s pregnancy while they were students.

When they were both students at the college, the couple first met. Their courtship quickly developed into a genuine romance. When they were still in college, Nicole and her then-boyfriend Chris became pregnant with their first child, a daughter named Halsey. The couple quit their jobs at the university to start a family as soon as they learned they were expecting.

On September 29, 1994, the couple gave birth to their daughter in Edison, New Jersey. In May 1998, they gave birth to their second child, a son named Sévian Frangipane. He attended Hackettstown High School before enrolling at California State University, Northridge. In 2020, he will receive a degree in business management.

The couple welcomed their third child, a son named Dante, in March 2005.

Sevian, their son, opposes racial discrimination.

When his sister Halsey shared a photo of the two of them in mid-2020, expressing her admiration for her brother’s active participation in the fight for justice and equality, Sevian made several headlines. The main topic of discussion at the rally was racial injustice.

Her caption stated:

Just wanted to say how proud I am of my younger brother @sevianfrangipane for finding his voice and protesting every day. If you’re fortunate enough to have family you can rely on, keep them close by right now. This is the time to let them talk when they feel like talking if you are NON-BLACK and: married to a black person, the parent of a black child, the child of a black parent, or in any other interfamilial relationship with a black person.

Chris Halsey, AD Halsey’s father, didn’t own a home until 2015 because of their financial difficulties.

Christopher and his wife Nicole previously experienced numerous financial difficulties. They only recently became married before they experienced financial hardship. They were forced to work several fruitless jobs to provide for the family.

Halsey revealed in a Billboard interview that her parents were skilled at maintaining appearances when it came to home ownership. The singer went on to say that her parents didn’t purchase their first home until the year 2015. She stated:

“My parents were really good at maintaining their good looks. Their first home didn’t become theirs until last year.

Halsey claimed in a separate interview with Rolling Stone that once, her parents told her to leave the house. According to her statement to the tabloid, her parents “just didn’t agree with a lot of things about me.”

The artist later spent a lot of nights sleeping on the streets. She told the Stone about the heartbreaking moment back then,

“I remember once having $9 in my bank account and using it to buy a four-pack of Red Bull and use it to stay up overnight over the course of two or three days because it was safer to not sleep than it was to sleep somewhere haphazard and possibly get raped or kidnapped.”

Halsey, Chris’ daughter, had suicidal thoughts while going through a difficult time. At age 17, the artist even attempted suicide. Halsey was then immediately driven to the mental hospital. Before she fully recovered, she spent almost three weeks there.

The amount Chris Frangipane is worth

Although Frangipane initially experienced financial difficulties, he has amassed a sizeable fortune. As of 2022, he has a $300,000 net worth. Halsey, his 27-year-old daughter, has a fortune of $20 million in the interim.

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