All About Alice Adair Biography: Age, Marital Status, And Net Worth

Although not as well-known as her former spouse Josh Brolin, actress Alice Adair has made her mark in Hollywood in a variety of ways. Apart from her once-thriving acting career, she has made significant contributions to the film business through her children, who have followed in their parents’ footsteps.

Alice, who is now a grandmother, appears to prefer life away from the spotlight, occasionally appearing on her daughter’s social media account. Investigate her history to understand her life before and after her marriage to the Deadpool 2 star.

Divorce From Josh Brolin; Is She Now Married?

To gain a clearer picture of Alice’s relationship with her ex-husband, one must go back to 1987.

When the former lovers met on the set of Private Eye that year, they rapidly developed affections for one another. Their love was so strong that they married a year later in 1988.
Alice and Josh received their first child, a baby boy named Trevor, just months after their wedding. Six years later, the family expanded by four with the birth of Eden Brolin.

However, by the time Eden was born, the Quantum Leap actress’s relationship with her then-husband had deteriorated significantly. Despite the divorce, she continued to live on Josh’s ranch and raised their two children.

It wasn’t until 2004, after marrying actress Diane Lane, that her former spouse officially moved on from their breakup. Though it was not as fruitful as their marriage, it lasted nearly a decade.

Josh married his secretary-turned-girlfriend Kathryn Boyd in September 2016 following his divorce from his second marriage. The married couple recently welcomed their first child, a toddler called Westlyn Reign Brolin.

While her ex-husband appears to have found happiness with other women, it is unknown whether Alice has found happiness with other men in her life. Regardless, she remains a constant presence in her children’s life.

Age, Net Worth, and Actor Son-In-Law Revealed in Bio

The Beverly Hills Cops 2 actress, who is said to be in her early 50’s, maybe contemplating life as a grandma.

After all, her daughter Eden is engaged to Cameron Crosby. Surprisingly, Josh was the first to break the news via Instagram in 2018.

Such incidents simply serve to promote the narrative that the Brolin-Aidar home is malice-free. And despite their discernible wealth disparity – Josh amasses a $35 million fortune – Alice and her former husband, now 50, unite for the sake of the family.

According to her bio, the Szuler actor is a private person who has no desire to be in the spotlight.