All about AEW star Sammy Guevara’s Girlfriend Pam Nizio

Pam Nizio

Pam Nizio, 25, and Sammy Guevara, 28, broke up after being together for almost eight years. Pam Nizio, Sammy’s former romantic partner, is his longtime lover and now fiancée. Sammy startled the AEW audience in 2021 by proposing to Pan in the ring of AEW Dynamic. Pam responded to him with a YES. Later, Sammy Guevara and Pam Nizio, who were engaged, disclosed that they were no longer together. Guevara revealed the information in a social media post.

Sammy Guevara is currently dating Tay Conti, whose full name is Taynara Melo de Carvalho. Tay Conti is Sammy Guevara’s attractive girlfriend. Tay, 26, is a Brazilian wrestler by trade and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. She is from Rio de Janeiro. Sammy and Tay have been dating since 2021. While it was widely assumed that Sammy and Pam’s relationship had ended because of their involvement with Tay.

Who is Pam Nizio’s Girlfriend?

The 25-year-old Brazilian model and social media influencer Pam Nizio was born on July 5, 1996. She gained notoriety for being Sammy Guevara, an American wrestler-girlfriend. ,’s Pam frequently attended the AEW Dynamite to see the wrestling while they were dating.

She was raised with her four brothers and Priscilla, her twin sister, as well as Joao Carlos’ (her father’s) and Patricia Nizio’s (her mother’s) four other children. She was born in Brazil, but when she was a young child, she went to Texas in the United States with her parents. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in psychology and became a licensed physician in the same city after graduating from Cinco Ranch High School. She also completed an HR Management course in 2018.

Sammy and Pam still haven’t Broken up?

Pam Nizio and Sammy Guevara are sadly not dating. Before an August 20th episode of AEW Dynamite in Houston, Sammy proposed to Nizio. He stated at the time, “Houston, just so you know, she was there for me when I didn’t have a car, when I worked at Taco Bell, and when I wrestled in front of seven spectators. She’s been there for me through good times and bad; she’s been there my entire life. So, Pam, I want to thank you for that.”

The main event of that night’s Dynamite was Sammy’s proposal to his longtime girlfriend, which was later shown on Sammy’s vlog. Later, Guevara revealed on Twitter that he and his longtime girlfriend Pam were no longer together, albeit no explanation for their breakup had been given. Guevara tweeted to Sammy “I am aware that many of you have been supportive of us for a long time, and we have much valued your support throughout the years. We felt it was only right to inform you all that we are no longer dating after receiving so much love and support from you all. We remain in love with one another and hope the best for one another. During this period, we would appreciate your consideration and observance of our privacy. Samantha and Pam “.

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