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Alexandra Eber: Relationship Status, Married, Husband?

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Alexandra Eber prefers to keep her personal life private, so she hasn’t revealed much about her romantic life. She is, however, a married woman, as is well known. How? She married a well-known celebrity, after all. So, who does she have as a husband?

Alexandra Eber
Alexandra Eber with her husband ( Source: Pinterest)

Colin Allred, her beau, was present at her wedding. He is a politician, lawyer, and former professional football player in the United States. On March 25, 2017, the couple tied the knot. Allred, Eber’s sweetheart, and their family grew. They were blessed with the addition of two children to their family. They first welcomed their first son in 2019, and then their second child in 2021.

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Colin Allred, Alexandra Eber’s millionaire husband

Alexandra Eber, as previously stated, prefers to avoid the limelight. She hasn’t revealed much about herself, so her professional history is also unknown. As a result, her net worth remains a mystery. We can be certain, however, that she lives a lavish lifestyle; how so? Isn’t it self-evident that her husband is a powerful figure?

Colin Allred, Eber’s spouse, has a massive net worth of $2 million as of 2021. He is a multimillionaire, and he owes it all to his successful career.

Allred may have amassed a sizable number of greens during his football career. NFL rookies earn between $400,000 and $600,000 per year, according to The Squander. As a former NFL player, Eber’s husband may have earned a similar sum.

Following the 2006 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans signed Allred as an undrafted free agent on May 4, 2006. On August 29, he was released, but on January 26, 2007, he was re-signed. After that, Allred was waived during final cuts on September 1 and later signed to the practice squad on September 2.

On December 15, 2010, he was promoted to the active roster, and on February 17, 2010, he was promoted to the reserve roster.

Alexandra Eber
Alexandra Eber with her husband ( Source: Pinterest)

Colin has represented Texas’ 32nd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives since January 3, 2019. A member of the United States House of Representatives earns an annual salary of around $174,000 dollars.

Personal Information about Alexandra Eber: Parents, Siblings, and Education

By now, you’ve probably figured out that Alexandra Eber is a private person. However, because her husband is a well-known figure, little information about his personal life is available. On April 15, 1983, her beau was born. There is no information about his parents or siblings, as there is about his wife.

In terms of his education, he attended and graduated from Hillcrest High School. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley Law School.

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