Alex Pall Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Alex Pall, an American music producer, collaborates with Andrew Taggart as The Chainsmokers’ producer and DJ, performing, programming, mixing, and mastering songs. Alex also co-writes and plays piano on a few of the songs.

He and his partner, Andrew, rose to prominence as The Chainsmokers, releasing a number of successful singles and albums. Selfie, the duo’s 2014 single, peaked at number 16 in the United States and went platinum in several countries around the world.

Alex Pall: Parents and Siblings

According to his biography, Alex Pall was born on May 16, 1985 in New York.

His father, William Blatt Bill Pall, is an American from a Jewish family, and his mother, Margaret Olivia D’Agostino, is an English immigrant from London.

His father is an art dealer, and his mother is a stay-at-home parent.

Although Alex has not revealed much about his early childhood or siblings, his Instagram post on his mother’s 70th birthday in August 2019 attempted to shed light on his family life.

The other lady in the picture appears to be his sister, as he mentioned in the post that he could celebrate her birthday with his family.

Alex, 33, stands an impressive 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall and studied art at New York University.

After Cheating Allegation, Alex Pall’s Current Girlfriend

Alex was dating his longtime girlfriend, Tori Woodward, at one point in his life. He began dating her in 2014.

Tori accused Alex of cheating three years into their relationship. While he was dating Tori, he was apparently kissing another woman.

His ex-girlfriend shared a CCTV video of him kissing another woman on her Instagram story, with the caption,

They will look you in the eyes and tell you that they adore you. Then, without hesitation, destroy you.

With the evidence in front of him, Alex admitted the accusation and stated that Tori deserved a better guy than him, and he remained completely single and accepted the lesson he learned from his mistake.

Alex was spotted with model Katelyn Byrd, who is thought to be the woman in the CCTV footage, two months after the cheating scandal broke.

The couple, on the other hand, appeared to be very happy with each other. He was spotted with his model girlfriend on a romantic dinner date in Los Feliz, California.

The accusation Alex was facing did not prevent him from finding true love. Despite a three-year failed relationship, he appears content with his current girlfriend.

Alex: Net Worth / Career

During his early career, Alex worked in New York to establish himself, and in 2012, he formed the band The Chainsmokers with DJ Rhett Bixler.

Alex was later introduced to Andrew Taggart by their manager, Adam Alpert.

Unfortunately, Rhett left the band soon after its formation. Andrew relocated from Maine to New York City after Rhett’s departure to work with Alex.

They also collaborated with Indian actress and singer Priyanka Chopra and released their first single, Erase, in late 2012, followed by The Rookie in early 2013.

They eventually began making remixes of indie bands and released a number of singles and albums.

The duo eventually added one more member to their band, touring drummer Matt Mcguire. Their song, Open, which was released in 2017, peaked at number one in the United States and Canada.

Nonetheless, Alex is worth an estimated $22 million, and his band The Chainsmokers earns a combined $45 million.

In addition, in August 2019, Forbes published a new list of the highest-paid musicians.

The name of Alex’s duo band, The Chainsmokers, was mentioned near the top of the list. Their dedication to their craft assures the audience that The Chainsmokers will keep their spot in the future.

Furthermore, the duo will embark on a North American tour on September 25th titled World War Joy Tour.

Without a doubt, the band’s social responsibility shines through on both the tour and the album.

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