Alan Davies Loves Children But Claims They Are Bad for Marriage!

Alan Davies, the formerly infamous everlasting bachelor, has finally decided to settle down with his wife, Katie Maskell, and their three children.

Davies, as you would have anticipated, now that he is a father of three, has a few recommendations for his admirers.

Fatherhood, he admits, has changed his life for the better and for the worst.

Alan Davies ran the school run for the kids

In 2017, the actor sat down with Dailymail in his North London home for an interview. His wife was out getting the kids, and they were all on their way. To lighten the mood, he added, “The whirlwind will come through the front door any minute.”

He revealed that he was the one who usually picked up the kids from school or accompanied them to music groups, playgroups, school runs, and other activities. He was usually the lone father present. Davies, on the other hand, paid it little heed because he was working irregular hours anyway, and he could fit everything in.

Alan Davies centered his life on his family

Davies scheduled his work around his children and family so that he could spend the most of his time with his three children, Susie, Bobby, and Francis, at his North London home.

On the job front, I have no goals at all. He described how much he enjoyed his work. His priorities have shifted dramatically after becoming a parent. He wasn’t pursuing acting roles as aggressively as he had been in the past because it would entail spending 60 hours a week on set.

That’s one of the reasons his comic chat show As Yet Untitled lasted so long.

As Yet Untitled is a lot of fun, and the guests are incredibly funny,” the show’s presenter said. “We just film for two hours, and the studio is really close to where I live.”

What Effect Did Having Children Have on the Marriage?

Davies was ten years into his marriage at the time of the interview, and it had been 12 years since he first met the lady he now calls his wife. The comic discussed the changes that having children has on his and his wife’s relationship.

It’s incredibly difficult, especially when you’re on your third,” he confessed candidly. He went on to say:

It’s terrible because you’re losing your wife. The actor explained that the couple had to work extra hard on their relationship in order to avoid ruining what they had when they first met.

Alan Davies is now working on his audiobook

He was open to the idea that the partnership might evolve with time, and that both partners would have to accept that shift and work around it.

“Every cliché you’ve ever heard about marriage and parenthood is true,” he said, adding, “Parenthood is the greatest joy, but exhaustion is your adversary, so you really need to try to go to bed a little earlier.”

When asked about his relationship, he revealed that after having children, he and his wife have quit drinking sauvignon blanc.

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