After Breaking Up With Boyfriend Jake Boys in 2017 Emily Canham is No More Single

Jake Boys and Emily Canham, who were ex-lovers, split up in 2017. Despite the split, they are still on good terms. Jake and Emily went on with their lives and met the love of their lives.

Emily Canham is a well-known British television personality. She is a beauty and fashion blogger and YouTuber who is primarily obsessed with these topics. Jake Boys, her ex-boyfriend, is a YouTuber as well. Emily and Jake are both from the United Kingdom.

Emily is an L’Oreal Paris Digital Makeup Ambassador as well as a YouTuber. Jake, her ex-boyfriend, is well-known on YouTube for his short video films.

Relationships, and Breakup of Emily Canham and Jake Boys

Fans affectionately referred to the couple as “Jemily.” Emily Canham and Jake Boys met on YouTube in 2014, like many other YouTuber couples. The ex-couple made a lot of vlogs together while they were together. Emily and Jake, despite their young age, were literally relationship goals for many people.

Nothing lasts forever, as the saying goes, and the relationship between Emily Canham and Jake Boys was no exception. Many of their fans were taken aback by the news of their breakup.

The lovely British YouTuber couple called it quits after a three-year relationship. Not everything that appears to be perfect is in fact perfect.

The main reason for their breakup has yet to be revealed. Though it appears that there was some misunderstanding between the two, both Emily and Jake used social media to inform their fans of their split.

Emily’s Instagram feed revealed that she still thinks of Jake as a good companion despite their breakup. There were no ill feelings between the two. On the other hand, there were feelings on both sides.

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Is It True That They’re Both Single?

Emily Canham and Jake Boys, respectively, have moved on from their relationship and are in loving relationships with their other halves. When it comes to Emily, her beau is none other than James Bourne. He is a musician and singer-songwriter from England. He is also a member of the band Busted as a guitarist, keyboardist, and co-vocalist.

The two lovers appear to be inseparable. Emily rarely shares photos of James on social media. She, on the other hand, enjoys making vlogs with him. She even vlogged her boyfriend’s band performing with the Jonas Brothers for an entire day.

Jake, on the other hand, discovered the love of his life. He is in a loving relationship with Leah Louvaine, who is stunning. She is a professional singer and actress. Jake appears to be content with his girlfriend at the moment. He regularly updates his Instagram account with both his and her photos.

So, both Emily and Jake, the ex-couple, appear to be content with their current relationship status. As a result, Emily and Jake have moved on from their previous relationship and breakup. They also have no ill feelings for one another.

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