After Adding Another Tattoo On His Chest, Vinnie Hacker Gives A Tattoo Tour To His Fans!

With just one glance at Vinnie Hacker, it’s clear that the TikToker is a tattoo aficionado. He has inked several parts of his body and isn’t done yet. Each of his tattoos has a special meaning.

He possesses over a dozen body arts and isn’t afraid to flaunt them. Similarly, he informs his fans and following via various channels whenever he gets a new tattoo. He did the same thing recently, flaunting his new tattoo on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hacker added a new tattoo and meaning to his body art collection. On his TikTok account @vhackerr and Twitter, he shared it with his admirers and followers.

Berserk-style ink is used, along with wings sketched in the centre of his chest. The wings are skeleton, and the sign is of the Brand of Sacrifice.

Hacker got the wings to make the tattoos look symmetrical with other arts, and they have nothing to do with Berserk. Between his “Break My Heart” and the spider tattoo, he got these new tattoos. These were likewise drawn in black ink, same like the rest of his body art. On Twitter, someone asked him to rank his pain on a scale of one to ten, and Hacker replied, “5-6.”

The meaning of the term “Brand of Sacrifice” is embedded in the name. The emblem “marks those anointed for the Invocation of Doom,” according to Berserk Wiki. The emblem basically marks someone as a target for Demons, The Godhand, and apostles.

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Tattoos Inspired by Anime

People were intrigued about the TikToker’s other anime-related body arts when he showed off his new ink. As a result, on his TikTok anime account, @ichigostinysandalsv2, he conducted a tattoo tour.

Hacker has several Berserk tattoos, including the Brand of Sacrifice. Guts, one of the characters, is also tattooed on his left forearm.

He has the upper face of one-eyed Guts tattooed in black ink inside a rectangle. The symbol’s meaning is that it is devoted to a former mercenary who toured the world in search of his calling. After a demon restrained him and gouged his right eye during a combat, he lost his eye. Hacker, likewise, has two tattoos honoring JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The first is a tattoo on his right forearm that reads “Made in Heaven.” He claimed in his TikTok video that he didn’t get it at first because of the anime.

But now he reveals that it was influenced by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Following Whitesnake and C-Moon, Made in Heaven is a Stand, the final step of metamorphosis. The second JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure inks from TikToker are symbols from the anime. He also has a Naruto-themed tattoo.

On his right biceps, he has a little insignia of Akatsuki, the infamous Ninja gang. On the other hand, he has Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins tattooed on his body.

The art’s meaning is that, like other characters, Meliodas has a sin ascribed to him. When he gets upset, he has the Dragon Sin of Wrath, which makes him powerful.

Meliodas and Hacker are both covered in ink on their left biceps. In addition, Hacker has tattoos on both hands’ wrists.

On his right wrist is a phrase from Vagabond that reads, “The powerful are always nice.” He also has “1000-7” from Tokyo Ghoul tattooed on his left wrist.

Despite the fact that Hacker already has over a dozen tattoos, he intends to get more. On Twitter, he revealed that he was preparing to get a collarbone tattoo.

But he hasn’t made up his mind about what to acquire. Only time will tell whether he acquires anime-themed body art to add to his collection.

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