Adam Partridge Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Adam Partridge is a man who values antiques and fine arts in the world of modern inventions and gadgets.

Adam Partridge is a well-known auctioneer with auction rooms in Macclesfield and Liverpool, as well as a valuation office in Altrincham.

He has also appeared as an antique expert on television shows such as BBC’s “Flog It!”.

Adam Partridge’s Biography: Age and Education

Adam Partridge, who was born in 1973, celebrates his birthday every year on February 28th.

He was raised in North West England by his family. He spent his childhood reminiscing about going to auctions with his grandfather, who used to buy and sell violins.

When Adam Partridge was 10, he made an auction bid for a small painting of a mill scene and paid £15.

His parents were professional violinists who inspired him to follow music and play the violin since he was a child.

Adam attended Oxford University to study Classics at the age of 18 after being advised by his parents, but he did not complete his education because he aspired to be an auctioneer.

After graduating from university, he worked as a porter for a few years before becoming an auctioneer himself.

Wife Married, Family

It can’t be a coincidence that the man who always wanted to be in auctions met his wife, Clare, while working as an auctioneer in the Caribbean.

Adam married Clare after meeting her in 1998; however, the details of their wedding date and location were never revealed.

Adam and Clare welcomed two sons, Ridley Partridge and Felix Partridge.

The family lived in Cheshire, a county in northwest England, for a long time.

However, Adam’s relationship with Clare does not appear to be working out at the moment. He has stated that he is going through a divorce.

Although Adam and Clare did not have a longer run as a couple, both of them appear to be refining their individual roles as fathers to their sons.

Adam appears to be a perfect father because he participates in various activities with his sons.

As a working man, he also finds time to coach cricket and teach the violin to his sons and community children.

As a result, on July 9, 2019, his under-15-team, which included his older son, won the Cheshire & High Peak cricket league finals after an unbeaten season.

Hopefully, Adam will continue to be a good father and will not let his divorce affect his sons.

Net Worth and Salary

Adam Partridge has worked extremely hard to establish himself as one of the best auctioneers in the business. He is successful because of his extensive experience and knowledge of valuing antiques and fine art.

Although his net worth is not disclosed, he clearly has enough to live a comfortable and luxurious life with his family.

In fact, Adam Partridge’s company, Adam Partridge Limited, has a net worth of approximately £249.2K as of 2019.

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