Actress and TikTok Star Addison Rae’s Screen Break Brings Valkyrae’s RFLCT Drama Back Again!

RFLCT by Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter had scarcely left the scene before Addison Rae arrived with Screen Break, a competitive product.

Rae is now being chastised by fans for failing to learn from the YouTube streamer’s blunders. The drama, of course, unfolded on Twitter.

Valkyrae’s RFLCT in a Nutshell

Valkyrae had developed a skincare product named RFLCT in October 2021, claiming that it would protect clients from the “possibly hazardous” blue light emitted by all of their devices.

The uproar erupted after the product’s official website failed to mention any clear evidence that blue light was harmful to human skin.

People soon began to criticize the influencer and claim that the product was a rip-off. When Valkyrae went out to find herself, she discovered that her fury was well-founded, and she even admitted it.

“All the hatred was merited,” according to Dexerto’s statement.

The corporation declared two weeks after the product’s launch that the brand and, by extension, Hofstetter’s involvement with it would be ending.

Addison Rae is a character in the film Addison Rae Screen Break is released

Rae just created her own skincare line, Screen Break, which has sparked yet another internet frenzy. If the commercials are to be believed, the product accomplishes the same goal as RFLCT. The identical concept that caused Valkyrae’s product to shut down operations was automatically applied to Rae’s offering.

Her product went on sale at Sephora for $20 a piece. Fans are taking to Twitter (again!) to express their dissatisfaction with the show.

Fans have now turned their focus to Screen Break, which has been receiving the same humbling criticism, in what feels like a case of déjà vu.

“RFLCT emerges from the ashes as… Screen Break? [sic],” one Twitter user remarked.
They should give Addison Rae the same [expletive] storm that Valkyrae received. This is the same ruse as before.

Simply attempting to defraud others of their money by making false promises. Another user chimed in with a screenshot of Screen Break’s purchase link, confirming that Rae had indeed introduced her next cosmetic product.

“Who’s going to tell her?” they said, referring to RFLCT’s spectacle of failure.

Skincare by Addison Rae

The TikToker’s first skincare product was not Screen Break. Since August 2021, her skincare brand has been available to the general public through SEPHORA’s wide distribution network.

Rae took to Instagram around the same moment to announce her new partnership to her fans.
Her photo was taken outside of Sephora as she was holding the store’s signature black and white striped shopping bag.

Long before the release of Screen Break, Addison Rae announced her relationship with Sephora. Following the Instagram announcement, she also spoke to Elle about how she was delighted to go retail because she believed the audiences would respond better if they could physically approach the goods.

She noted that the voyage would be more interesting because to her relationship with Sephora. Of course, she was alluding to the gigantic masses that she now could get into because of how much they trusted the retail chain from the get-go.

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