Abram Boise Bio, Age, Weight, Parents, Height, Nationality, Instagram, Net Worth

Abram Boise is a well-known reality show star, best known for his roles on Road Rules and The Challenge.

Aside from his fame as a reality show star. Abram is also well-known for his extravagant tattoos. Most of his fans believe that his tattoos complement his distinct personality.

Abram has a family business in addition to his reality star image. The audience is familiar with his occupation as an architect and builder. In addition, he works as an artist, writer, and filmmaker at Soundcolor Studios.

As a result of all his jobs, Abram must have amassed a sizable amount of property and net worth.

Bio: Age, Family

Abram Gabriel Boise, a reality star born on January 30, 1983, is currently 36 years old. Steve and Laura Boise raised their son in Los Angeles, California.

Abram grew up in a large family of twelve. His parents and nine siblings, four brothers and five sisters, raised him. Abram’s family was undoubtedly very supportive of his showbiz career, which led to his later success.

Abram’s family has not only been supportive, but has also walked alongside him on his long road to success. Abram’s brother, Michael, assisted him in establishing Soundcolor Studios in Montana.

Hopefully, Abram’s family will be by his side in the highs and lows of his life even in the coming days.

Abram Boise: Girlfriend

Abram previously dated fellow actress Cara Maria for six years. Many people predicted that the two would marry.

However, things did not end well between Abram and his then-girlfriend, as the two split up in 2015.

“Everything happens for a reason.” This statement was ideal for Abram, who had recently found love.

It was difficult for him to find a perfect match for himself after a six-year committed relationship. Nonetheless, Abram was successful in finding the ideal lady.

Abram began dating Rachel Missie shortly after his break-up with Cara. They were so in love that they decided to get married earlier in February 2019.

Abram and Rachel decided to marry soon after their beautiful engagement in front of a snowy landscape.

The couple chose to become husband and wife through the legal process in the first stage. So they legally married for the first time in late April 2019.

Later that year, on June 1st, the two married in an outdoor ceremony on Paradise Valley. Abram and Cara are currently living a happy married life together. They have set the standard for beautiful cross-racial love. As a result, the two serve as role models for modern-day lovers.

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