A Look Inside Annie Potts Fourth And Successful Marriage With James Hayman And Two Children!

Annie Potts has been married to James Hayman, her fourth spouse, since September 2, 1990. Hayman is an executive producer on NCIS: New Orleans, and he lives in the city for his job.

Because Annie Potts’ acting jobs require her to move around, the two had been living apart for quite some time. Regardless of whether they live together or apart, she thinks their relationship works because they work well together.

Potts and Hayman have two sons, Doc (born 1992) and Harry (born 1994). (born 1996). Potts told Closerweekly that she felt Hayman was the ideal man for her because he adored her second son, Clay Senechal, whom she shared with her third husband, B. Scott Senechal.

Because he fell in love with my son immediately away. When I met him, I had an eight-year-old [kid]. When you fall in love with someone who comes into your life after you’ve already had a child, [they] must love both of us. That was something he was eager to undertake. We became a family right away…

Previous Husbands and Wives of Annie Potts

Potts had been married three times before meeting her present husband, James Hayman. On August 26, 1973, she married Steven Douglas Schwartz for the first time. Their five-year marriage ended in June 1978 when they divorced.

Potts married her second husband, Greg Antonacci, on June 21, 1978, not long after her first divorce. Her second marriage, however, lasted even less time than her first, and the couple split on April 5, 1979.

Potts married B. Scott Senechal on February 28, 1981, and they have two children. They had been married for eight years before they divorced. Clay Senechal, the couple’s son, was born during this time. In 1989, Potts and her third husband divorced.

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Annie Potts and her husband James Hayman have two children

Potts married for the fourth time despite three disastrous marriages because she wanted to give her son the experience of growing up in a family. Potts has two other kids with Hayman, in addition to Clay, whom she had with Senechal.

Potts never took a break from her career when she and Hayman were raising their family. The Young Sheldon actress has appeared in over 100 films and television series over her career. While the number may appear large, Potts claims that if it weren’t for her sons, she would have had even more credits to her name.

She does not, however, regret slowing down for her family, explaining that she was able to combine motherhood and acting thanks to a lot of aid from others. They were really supportive of my efforts. I also had a lot of support raising kids, from a lot of people who cared about my guys. I, too, had nannies. When [the boys] reached a certain age, having guys around to be rough with them was beneficial.

Annie and her husband founded the All Are One charity

Potts and her producer husband started a nonprofit to support those in need during the outbreak. All Are One is an organization that distributes funds to the less fortunate through churches and schools.

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