9 Best NFL Assistant Coaches Right Now

Who are the top assistant coaches in the NFL at the moment? How important are assistant coaches to the success of a team?

The athletes and head coaches receive more attention than the assistant coaches. However, they work with the head coach to orchestrate and carry out the game plan, which is the foundation of a team’s performance on the field.

We, therefore, present to you the “Best NFL Assistant Coaches Right Now” to highlight the frequently underappreciated minds.

The top assistant coaches at the moment can advance to become head coaches in the future due to their knowledge of the entire gameplay and, more importantly, their superiority in their specialties.

So without further ado, let’s look at the top assistant coaches in the NFL today.

Top NFL assistant coaches at the moment

Sources like NFL.com and Sports Illustrated were used to compile the list below.

Name Currently Coaching
9. Nathaniel Hackett Green Bay Packers
8. Brian Daboll Buffalo Bills
7. Patrick Graham New York Giants
6. Joe Woods Cleveland Browns
5. Raheem Morris Los Angeles Rams
4. Mike McDaniel San Francisco 49ers
3. Matt Eberflus Indianapolis Colts
2. Eric Bieniemy Kansas City Chiefs
1. Joe Brady Carolina Panthers

Let’s quickly review the top NFL assistant coaches at the moment before moving on.

9. Nathaniel Hackett

Starting off our list is an intellectual offensive coordinator named Nathaniel Hackett, who is well-known for his capacity to transform underachieving teams into expressive title contenders.

Hackett turned the Syracuse team’s mediocre offense into a merciless offensive force while he was there. Additionally, he made a significant contribution to the growth of quarterback Ryan Nassib as a draft possibility.

Nathaniel Hackett is the finest assistant coach in the NFL. (Referring to packers.com)
For more information, let’s just say that when playing for the Buffalo Bills, Hackett had the Midas touch. Hackett diligently elevated a.500 squads to a 9-7 group despite a noticeable lack of firepower in the roster.

At the moment, Hackett is the offensive coordinator for the Packers, where his approach to the game from a tactical standpoint has been essential to their performance. Additionally, he drives the team’s success with his proficiency in the contemporary outside zone system, which is supported by his strong West Coast offense heritage.

Not to add that since his arrival, the Packers’ offense has been exceptionally strong.

8. Brian Daboll

Coaching: Brian Daboll, the offensive coordinator, has continually demonstrated why he is regarded as the offensive wizard on the field. Daboll is renowned for his ability to produce mismatches throughout the field thanks to his tough approach to the game.

Additionally, Brian is an expert in a skill area that only a small percentage of offensive coaches speak the language of. Additionally, it is uncommon to see someone in the NFL with his natural ability to recognize matchups that go beyond the system.

Despite going unnoticed, Daboll had a critical role in shaping Josh Allen into the outstanding player he is today.

7. Patrick Graham

Defensive coordinator in coaching
Patrick Graham, the New York Giants defensive coordinator, and athe ssociate head coach are seated in position #8.

Graham was given the chance to interview for a Jets position last year, but he decided to stay with the New York Giants instead.

The Yale alumnus formerly had coaching positions with the Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots. He is well recognized for pushing his teams to perform above their potential.

Graham has played a key role in the Giants’ on-field rigor. Additionally, he had a mid-table unit that played elite football. The Giants were 11th in net yards per passing attempt allowed, despite their dismal on-paper performance.

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6. Joe Woods

Coaching: Given the Cleveland Browns’ long-term upward trajectory, defensive coordinator Joe Woods hopes to make 2022 his year.

In 1992, the Browns’ defensive coordinator made his professional coaching debut. He didn’t join the NFL until 2004, though. Despite dealing with injuries during the entire 2020 season, Browns and Woods’ dominance placed top-10 in both rushing defense and turnover %. Woods might guide the squad to this season’s anticipated heights given the extensive summer revamp.

5. Raheem Morris

Defensive coordinator in coaching
Raheem Morris cemented his reputation as one of the best assistant coaches in the NFL after guiding the Falcons through a challenging season last year.

The Falcons called on Morris to assume the helm after a disastrous 0-5 start to the year. Morris organized the disorganized Falcons roster, preventing a full collapse, and helped the team to a 4-7 record.

Going back in time, Raheem Morris received his NFL debut after replacing Jon Gruden with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He guided the squad to records of 3-13, 10-6, and 4-12 before focusing on Washington and Atlanta.

Morris, who was just hired as the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator, aspires to match his great man-management abilities as well as his tactical prowess.

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4. Michael Daniel

Coaching: Coordinator of the offense
Michael Lee McDaniel has been present to see the most notable advancements the game has made in a very long time given the ongoing evolution of offensive gaming over the past ten years.

The San Francisco 49ers’ fast-paced, fluid playstyle has been greatly influenced by the offensive coordinator. McDaniel has worked as head coach Kyle Shanahan’s run-game coordinator ever since he arrived.

McDaniels is renowned for his soft-spoken manner but is very analytical when it comes to the finer points of the game. McDaniel has years of expertise and aspires to soon take the reins as head coach.

3. Matt Eberflus

Defensive coordinator in coaching
Matt Eberflus, the defensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts, is ranked number 6 on our list. The Texans avidly targeted Eberflus throughout the offseason because they were interested in his defensive prowess.

Matt let things develop naturally and let the Texan’s job go to someone else. He has guided a mediocre defense to a few top-10 weighted DVOA seasons since taking the Colts’ defensive coordinator position in 2018.

Additionally, the Colts finished in the top 10 in scores, yards, and turnovers created last season because of Eberflus’ defensive strategy. Additionally, the Colts went on to place among the top 10 in terms of interceptions, rushing yards, first downs allowed, and rushing yards per attempt.

2. Eric Bieniemy

Coaching: Coordinator of the offense
Eric Bieniemy is the only assistant coach who has ever been prepared to take the reins as head coach.

Anyone can speculate as to why he isn’t a head coach already given the tremendous accomplishments he has previously made. But despite his outstanding credentials, Eric seems to be caught up in the struggle against racial inequality.

Additionally, Eric constantly seems to be mentioned anytime a head coaching post becomes available, but his name is always accompanied by a list of his flaws and reasons why he wouldn’t be a good fit.

However, coaches with white complexion who share the same perceived disadvantages appear to get hired quickly.

Eric Bieniemy is the top assistant coach in the NFL. (From Bleacher Report, online)
The more crucial query is when the NFL ownership will accept the diversity of the league and its coaches.

Eric aims to keep doing what he does best, which is to bring out the best in his team, regardless of the situation at hand. It is a matter of when, not if, he is hired as an NFL head coach since he has strong endorsements from people like Andy Reid.

1. Joe Brady

Coaching: Coordinator of the offense
Sam Darnold’s rescue is Joseph Brady’s laborious mission for this season, and he looks forward to a busy if difficult 2022. Brady is more than capable of bringing out the best in any player, especially after working with offensive mastermind Sean Payton for a significant amount of time.

Brady talked with a few organizations last year, but this year he wants to focus on progressing to head coach management. Brady also possesses a strong resume and the ability to pull all the necessary blows.

His distinguished career includes developing Joe Burrow, a projected first-round choice, and revamping LSU’s passing game. Although the Panthers roster may not support his aspirations to advance, he intends to concentrate on providing the greatest performance possible.

Brady attracted interest from the Jets, Falcons, Chargers, Eagles, and Texans last season because of his offensive prowess.


Any team’s foundation has always been its assistant coaches. Assistant coaches continually give it their utmost to put the team and the players first, while not receiving the due rewards.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the coaches described above lead in the same direction because many coaches advance from assistant coaches to head coaches.

For the time being, the same coaches complete our coverage of the top NFL assistant coaches.

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