77 motivating Michael Jordan Quotes

Michael Jordan was a great American basketball player. He protects the sport from the 1980s through the 1990s.

Born in New York, he grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. During this era, he developed early competitive prowess.

He wanted to win every game he played. The same character wins six NBA titles and five MVP awards.

His family was supportive and steady. His father taught him baseball and built a basketball court in their backyard. This supporter was killed in 1993.

Despite ups and downs, he’s a champion in his followers’ hearts. His inspiring comments encourage success.

Here are Michael Jordan’s quotes.

“I disliked training but said, ‘Don’t quit.'” “Suffer now and be a champion forever.”

“In my career, I’ve missed 9000 shots. Nearly 300 games. I’ve missed 26 game-winning shots. I’ve failed many times. So I succeed.”

“Inspire others to be outstanding in whatever they do”

If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up elsewhere.

“I enjoy punching. Yes, please.”

Never hurry. “Without me, they can’t play.”

“I’ll stand with oppressed people.”

Time is a precious commodity. Let’s make every moment count and support those in need.”

“This game is lucrative.” Ask my exes. Their husbands don’t work since they’re so rich.

“Don’t fear failure. It’s the only way to succeed, I know.

“A person’s personal dignity is his most valuable possession.”

“I’ve never imitated anyone. My dad advised me: ‘Never be like someone; be the next you.’ I like the game, the position, and everyone.”

“Golf accomplishments are unimportant. Honesty and decency important.”

“I’m no manager. I just have inherent talent.

“I’m hooked on money.”

“Winning is nice, but if you want to succeed in life, learn to lose. Nobody always wins. If you can win again after a heartbreaking loss, you’ll be a champion.”

“You must shoot to score.”

“I’ve always felt hard work pays off.”

If you drive me toward a weakness, I’ll transform it into a strength.

“There’s no I in team, but in win.”

“I’ve never feared failure.”

“There’s no perfect basketball player, and I don’t think there’s one greatest.”

“I based my skills on another’s.”

“As a kid, I learned basketball principles. You can be physically gifted, but you must know the basics.


“I wasn’t work-minded. I participated. I enjoyed athletics.

“Control is good”

“Golf is perfect for a competitive junkie like myself because it always challenges you. This has sapped a lot of basketball’s vigor and competition.

“I recognize fear”

“Things won’t always go your way, but you should always try.”

“Sometimes you need a headshot to understand you’re in a fight.”

“I want to bridge the generations.”

“Buying the Bobcats is the completion of my post-playing career aim”

Being Michael Jordan means acting the same.

“I’d rather never grow up.”

I think the players win the title, but the organization helps. Don’t put the team ahead of the players.

“Basketball is my life.” My shelter and place of comfort and calm. It’s been the source of immense agony and joy. This friendship has given me immense respect and affection for the game.

“I hope the millions of individuals I’ve impacted are optimistic, hardworking, and positive.”

“Every day is a competition because you set such high demands for yourself.

“Before I retired, I didn’t realize how much people appreciated me. It was embarrassing to be treated like a deity.

“I want a normal existence.” Somewhat. It’ll never be normal.”

“Watching my kids’ games is nerve-wracking”

It’s impossible to say if younger players are hurting the NBA, but they have affected it.

“The game has ups and downs, but you can’t lose focus on your aims or lose through lack of effort.”

“Investing should be entertaining and profitable.”


“Do I need my number retired to be recognized? No.”

“It’s wrong that I don’t like being challenged. And they’re not here.”

“Be true to the game; it will be true to you. The game will shortcut you if you try. If you try, you’ll succeed. That’s about the game, and life too.”

“When I lose motivation as a basketball player, it’s time to quit.”

“Championships aren’t always won.”

“I won’t resign because of the media.”

“I’m not a Twitterer, twerker, Facebooker, nothing. I’m traditional.”

I enjoy gambling, but I think people are attempting to make it appear like I have a problem.

Everyone flies. Once off the ground, you fly. Some fly longer than others.”

“When I returned, my challenge was to meet the fresh talent, dissect their games, and show them that there was more to the game than money.”

“It’s hard to please everyone. My job was to play basketball well and delight fans. I can’t live with everyone’s opinion of what I should or shouldn’t do.

“You may see me playing at 50. Be serious. Limits, like fears, are often illusions.

I won’t have competitive instincts in sports other than golf. I’m no longer competitive in sports.

“Some want it, some wish it, others make it happen.”

“I’ve failed repeatedly, and that’s why I succeed.”

“Turn negativity into positive.”

“Limits are an illusion, like fear.”

“Being selfish is necessary for success. At the top, you must be selfless. Reachable. Communicate. “Don’t isolate”

“My body could handle crutches, but not my mind.”

“I’m not sweating three hours a day merely to feel it.”

“How often have your parents advised you not to do something, and you did it anyway? And you regretted it.”

“I want to be known as a player who excelled in all aspects, not just scoring. “A challenge-lover.”

“Now I notice labels, logos, and shoes.”

“In college, I didn’t realize pro athletes’ opportunities.” I’ve met all types of people, traveled and increased my financial skills, gotten ideas and learned about life, and created a world outside of basketball.

“I want to wake up every day and do whatever comes to mind, without pressure or obligations.”

“I can cope with being a lousy owner if we win championships. If we’re not making the playoffs and losing money, I have to look in the mirror and ask if I’m doing my job.

“Faking illness. It’s difficult. It must be mentally and physically challenging.”


“I want to play forever”

“I bet gambling and betting are legal.”

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