5 Best Hook Bowling Balls for Pro Players

Numerous producers tout having the best hook bowling balls. Continue reading if you’re looking for any guides to get one for professional gamers because we have the list you need!

Before making a purchase, a few important considerations need to be taken into account. From the hook potential to its sliding characteristics, frictions, pin-carry, etc., these are crucial elements.

The pricing range is also significant, and while the appearance may not be crucial, who wouldn’t want a piece that stands out?

Bowling is harder than it seems, as professional players are aware. For observers, bowling may seem like a straightforward game of throwing the ball and scoring as many points as possible. However, you also need a nice bowling bowl and a lot of abilities.

To help individuals looking for the greatest hook bowling balls for professional players, we have put together this list today. We have selected the top five to meet your demands.

So without further ado, let’s go straight into the list!

The top 5 hook bowling balls for professionals

For this article, we used SportsBrowser and GetMoreHook as our primary sources of information. Let’s first take a look at the list’s preview in the table below before we continue.

Brand Weight
5. Pyramid Force Bowling Ball 14.7 Pounds
4. Storm Trend 2 12 Pounds
3. DV8 Bowling Products Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball 17 Pounds
2. Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball 14 Pounds
1. 900 Global Altered Reality Bowling Ball 12 Pounds

5. Dimensions of the Pyramid Force Bowling Ball are 9 x 9 x 9 inches.

Pyramid Force Bowling Ball, at position number 5, is where our list begins. Given that Pyramid is recognized for producing high-quality bowling balls, you can be confident that this is among the best hook bowling balls for professional players available right now.

Your game gains a new level of power thanks to The Pyramid Force. The unwavering power of the black GPS Navigational Solid coverstock has been coupled with it. It has a brand-new asymmetric SG professional core.

Similar to that, it features a timeless black appearance that complements any lane. The bowling ball has an Abralon 2000 grit finish. As a result, the fronts and the mids react strongly, and the backend keeps moving forward without wavering.

The Pyramid Force is the perfect hook bowling ball for professional players thanks to its strength, velocity, and acceleration. A flawless roll is also produced by the traction feature on any rough or oily surfaces.

A ball is a great option for bowlers who use two hands. Before you can get used to how the ball is handled, you might need to play a practice game. The Pyramid Force is one of the greatest hook bowling balls overall and comes at a fair price.

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4. Storm Trend

10 x 10 x 10 inches, L x W x H

The following-best hook bowling balls were created in association with Jason Belmonte, a 13-major champion and multiple PBA award winners. Storm Trend 2 is the greatest hook bowling ball for professionals, in our opinion.

This high-performance ball was created by Jason Belmonte and Strom to honor the player’s career. The Piston LD symmetric core of the Strom Trend 2 offers an appealing color combination.

The difference between Storm Trend 2 has been reduced due to reengineering. Therefore, for dependability and repetitive shoots, the ball moves continuously and consistently. It has a powerful continuance and a fluid ball action through the front ends.

The bowling ball sports an NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock with a 1500-Grit Polish factory finish. The bowling ball gets stronger as lanes change, so it is not recommended for dry alleys.

The Strom Trend 2 boasts a solid hook that is ideal for producing tremendous results overall. The ball’s orange meringue aroma is a small added element. There are all different types of bowlers who can use this medium-heavy bowling ball.

3. DV8 Bowling Supplies Bowling Ball with Pitbull Bark

9.4 x 8.9 x 8.7 inches, L x W x H

The DV8 Bowling Products Pitbull Bark Bowling Ball comes in at number three on our list of the top hook bowling balls for professional players. In the most greasy conditions, it is an aggressive, high-performance ball.

The Pitbull Bark was created using the DV8’s composite fan max cover stock and an asymmetric Pitbull core with a higher differential and lower RG. A 1000 grit pad is also used to polish the bowling ball.

As a result, even while playing in the most extreme oil conditions, the DV8 Pitbull bark offers a tremendous hook. It’s the first DV8 ball to make use of the tried-and-true DynamiCore. The ball has a chic appearance thanks to the combination of black, red, and green.

There are five different size options for the DV8 Pitbull bark. The asymmetric ball performs flawlessly, and there is no friction problem while playing.

The bowling ball has a few flaws, including a somewhat high price. The ball’s controls may seem a little unsteady to certain players.

Unless you select the drilling service, the DV8 Pitbull bark bowling ball comes without any holes and is shipped undrilled. Overall, the bowling ball provides the most hook and traction on thick, oily surfaces.

2. Brunswick DV8 Quantum Bias Bowling Ball

9.2 x 8.5 x 8.3 inches (L x W x H).

One of the distinctive hook bowling balls made for professional bowlers is the Brunswick DV8 Bowling Quantum Bias Ball. The Quantum Bias ball is lovely and performs admirably. It is completely white.

With 3.5 times more cover stock, the Quantum Bias has better durability and hitting power. The peculiar traction additive that is located over the ball is its most remarkable characteristic.

This special feature helps the ball’s hook properties and lessens the impacts of friction. In the same vein, the ball is Brunswick DV8’s first asymmetric Quantum.

Due to its 100 Siaair smoothness, the Quantum Bias offers a catchy hook and a top-notch performance. The bowling ball, however, is also one of the more expensive ball options on the market because of its distinctive characteristic.

The price is reasonable given the performance and quality. The ball is sturdy and long-lasting to withstand intense play. If you’re seeking the greatest and most distinctive hook bowling balls for professional players, Quantum Bias is a great option.

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1. Bowling Ball of Global Altered Reality

10 x 10 x 10 inches, L x W x H

The 900 Global Altered Reality Bowling Ball is our top recommendation for pro players’ greatest hook bowling balls. The bowling ball is the newest member of the Global Reality Line and one of the more capable alternatives.

The pearl version of the 900 Global Altered Reality has a strong S84 reaction cover. The ball has a cutting-edge disruption asymmetric core, and its distinctive form offers a potent mid-lane and backend reaction.

The bowling ball features a polished finish with a 1500-grit surface. The 900 Global Altered Reality will therefore deal with moderate to severe oil lane situations. Additionally, it gives the lane a slightly sharper motion.

The bowling ball does, however, have a few flaws that could impact playability. For dry lanes, the 900 Global Altered Reality is not appropriate. The bowling ball similarly becomes stronger as lanes change. The cost is likewise on the higher end of things.

Overall, the 900 Global Altered Reality is one of the strongest balls of the 900 Global series and offers an amazing hook throughout gameplay. The bowling ball has a nice appearance because of its blend of salmon, black, and silver colors.

Exceptional Mentions

  • Black Widow in a hammer bowl Bowling ball in gold
  • UFO Roto Grip Alert
  • Track Hook Ball Alias


Our list of the top hook bowling balls for pros comes to a close now. Make sure you have considered all the advantages and disadvantages of the products before making the purchase. Simply being handsome is insufficient.

Performance ought to come first, especially for athletes who are professionals. We hope that our list can give you the details you need. We have made an effort to be as impartial as we can while offering as much information as we can.

I hope you had a great time bowling!

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