30 Best Cathy Freeman Quotes

Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman is an Australian sprinter who is most known for her 400-meter run. She has participated in a variety of other track events throughout her career, but the 400 m was her favorite. She has also been named the eighth-fastest woman in history. During the Summer Olympics, she lighted the Olympic Flame by winning the women’s 400-meter race.

She was also the first Indigenous Australian to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal at the age of 16. The Commonwealth Games were held in Canada in 1994 when Cathy Freeman won gold in both the 200 m and 400 m. Her silver medal from the 1996 Olympics was followed by a first-place finish in the 400 m event at the 1997 World Championships.

Yes, she retired from sports in 2003, but in 2007, she established the Cathy Freeman Foundation. Here are her top 30 quotations that will motivate you to succeed.

“You have to strive for the impossible or strive for the stars.”

“I don’t listen when I’m in a terrible mood.”

“Peace, peace, and oneness!”

“I appreciate looking feminine and serving as a role model.”
I like being a woman.
It all comes down to being comfortable with yourself.”

“I’ve been jogging since I was ten.”
People have been saying to me from grade one, “Oh god, she can really run, she’s a natural.”

“People could see in me the Olympic champion, the finest in the world.”

“Money makes life easier, but I don’t want to be wealthy.”

“I believe the most pressure is the pressure I put on myself.”
As a result, I preferred to be alone.”

“I had severe asthma between 1991 and 1997.”

10th of 30 Quotes by Cathy Freeman

“I have more time to breathe, more time to be myself; I am much more calm and less guarded.”

“I had planned to shave it.
It was divided into two halves.
I started with a bob, but it kept falling all over my face.
Then it was off, quick.
The major reason it was so long was because my mother had cut it short when I was younger, and I was attempting to make amends.”

“I have a buddy who has a horrible hair day and it affects her entire attitude since it is part of her sexuality and confidence.”
“I no longer have that difficulty.”

“I don’t enjoy it when people stare at me; I despise the attention.”

“I enjoy working because it keeps me grounded.”

“While I do not agree with all Madonna has done, she is fearless.”

“I’m very fortunate.
I have an amazing support system.
“I only have to run.”

“I haven’t had many regrets throughout my life.”

“I make no excuses.”

“This is a very special experience for me, and I wish to return to Korea if the opportunity arises.”

“I hang out on the floor with my kitties Billy and Jazz or watch DVDs with my best buddies.”

“What I do best is laugh.”

“I absolutely do things on my terms, which may not appear to be the case.”

“From the first race I ran as a 5-year-old, I was surrounded with anticipation.”

“I made my first Australian senior team when I was 16, and I retired when I was 19.
I’m 32 years old, and I retired four years ago, so I’ve spent nearly a third of my life jogging.”

“My last real race was at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.”

“Australians are a lovely bunch of people, but for someone like me, the attention can be overpowering.”

“I’m certainly not a marital specialist.”

“I prefer to keep my personal life private.”

29th of 30 Quotes by Cathy Freeman

“The terror element absolutely brought me to my knees for the first time with Alexander’s cancer.”

“I feel like I’ve reached an age where I can rest a little bit knowing what I’ve been through and use all that experience.”
I enjoy the challenge of returning to and going beyond where I’ve been.”

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