100 Famous Reggie Miller Quotes

Reggie Miller Miller is the full name of an American retired professional basketball player who spent his whole 18-year National Basketball Association (NBA) career with the Indiana Pacers. He is also known for his pinpoint three-point shooting, which he excels at when under duress. He used to exhibit similar aggressiveness when playing against the New York Knicks, earning him the moniker “Knick Killer.”

He is now second on the list, trailing Ray Allen. His team also retired him in 2006. However, he will be remembered as one of the greatest Pacer players of all time. Reggie Miller was also inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame on September 7, 2012.

Below are 100 inspirational quotes that can help you succeed in life.

“You don’t get fat and elderly when you retire.”
It’s like a shark, you know.
Sharks never stop swimming; when they do, they perish.
You have to keep moving.”

“You have to take hero shots if you want to be a hero.”

3rd of 100 Reggie Miller quotes.

“I’m at my best in the playoffs.”

“I’ll always be Cheryl Miller’s younger brother.”

“Independent filmmaking provides the underdog a voice and a chance.”

“A solid workout makes you feel wonderful for the rest of the day.”
It aids in the clearing of the mind.”

“Across the country, people think I’m envious of my beautiful, beloved, precious, angel sister.
But there is no-o-o jea-ea-ea lou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ou-
I’m in love with her.”

“I enjoy hard work.”
I was never the best jumper or the best talent.
“I’ve always loved dirt and sweat.”

“The hairless appearance frightens many.
“Short and to the point.”

“A point guard can carry a team if he has everything.”

Reggie Miller Quote 11 of 100

“When you’re young, arrogant, and cocky, and you think you’re invincible, you say a lot of horrible things to a lot of people because you think you’re superior, and you don’t have to deal with them.”

“What I enjoy about professional athletics is that you live in the present.”

“In college, I was a lunatic.”

“The league has specific demands.
They are looking for specific men.
I’m simply not one of them.
But I can’t help myself.”

“I wanted to combine two extremely essential worlds for myself.”
The ability to collect funds for Dropping Dimes through the sale of custom bike kits was the ideal approach.”

“It used to be that a genuine center was required to win championships, but now the point guard position is just as important.”

“That’s Freddy Krueger, my boy.”
He’s skinny and aggressive.
I enjoy horror movies, and after I shaved my head, several people believed I looked exactly like him.”

“The triangle offense is better suited to slashers and people who want to drive to the basket.”

“There are certain things that black people simply do not do, OK?”
One of them is skiing.”

“The mountain biking community is really small.
I just want to put in the effort so that others don’t think I’m a slacker.
“I want dedicated mountain riders to admire him and say, ‘OK, well, he did it the right way.'”

“When I walk into a restaurant in Westwood now, everyone recognizes Reggie Miller.
I was always Cheryl’s younger brother.”

“Contrary to popular belief, basketball has played an important role in my life.
However, it has also played a minor role.”

Number 23 of 100 Reggie Miller Quotes

“You established your name growing up on the streets by talking nonsense and getting inside people’s brains.”

“When we were kids, we all desired a bike.”
But many others, particularly in the inner city, do not have that opportunity.”

“I never expected to work my way into anyone’s rafters.”

“I’m extremely grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to play this game.”

“You look at the forefathers who paved the road for players like myself.”
Sometimes you just have to sit there and scratch your skull.”

“You don’t want to draw attention to yourself; you want the team to draw attention to itself.”

“It’s an honor to be a member of this restricted group.”
It’s a happy day for me.
It’s unique to me.
I’ll be joining Cheryl, the first brother-sister act inducted into the Hall of Fame.
She was an inspiration.”

“You must be willing to fail because you will not hit every shot.”

“I’m highly considerate to others.”

“Most of the time, I try to do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.”

“When 20,000 people are yelling and screaming at you, four other guys can focus on the floor.”
So, every time I touch the basketball and everyone is yelling and chanting at me, four other guys can concentrate.”

“I like guys with roots.”
Paul Pierce has deep roots in Boston.”

“Many people desire they could be in the same room as the finest of everything.”
I just happened to live across the hall from the best female basketball player of all time.”

“Military veterans and their efforts for our country have a status that we should all acknowledge and cherish.”

“Shooters fire.”

“Throughout my career, I made a lot of big threes, but it was the 3-point shot that allowed me to navigate inside the lane, post-up, mid-range game, and so on.”

“Obviously, defenses had to play us out to the arc, but to me, my mid-range game was definitely more dangerous than my 3-point shot.”

“I want to get to the playoffs and compete.”

“For me, it’s all about the playoffs.
“I’m not concerned with the regular season.”

“I’m not sure if it’s a small-market issue, but we never get the benefit-of-the-doubt calls like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and the other major market clubs.”
That’s just the way things are.”

“I was a flamboyant player who voiced my mind on the floor.”

“I admire De’Aaron Fox’s heart.”

45th of 100 Reggie Miller quotes

“Whether it’s the best player or the 12th man next to the Gatorade cooler, knowing your team’s personalities is essential.”

“Having played in the league in the 1980s, 1990s, and the new century (I know, I’m old), I had the opportunity to watch personally how the best point guards of our time played the game.”

“I believe that a man’s character is to do something that no one else has ever done before.”

“Give me the ball; it doesn’t matter how old I get.”
“Pass the ball to me.”

“The truth is, I don’t care about the feelings of the Knicks.”

“I’d never say no to coaching.”

“In our ping-pong challenge, Drake pushed me to my limits.”

“Carmelo Anthony should do what makes him happy, whether that’s staying with the Knicks and being mediocre, or joining a contender and helping them get over the hump.”

“We all thought we were the best shooters in the world – Dale Ellis, Larry Bird, Craig Hodges, Chris Mullin – we were all truly terrific shooters.”

“I want to make movies like ‘The Upside of Anger,’ ‘Maria Full of Grace,’ and old-school pictures like ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ or ‘Vision Quest,'” he says.

“I think trying to outplay my sister or come out of her shadow gave me an edge, or a chip on my shoulder.”
That’s where the flair and a touch of drama came from.”

“That’s what I tell all the kids who come to my summer camps: ‘You’ll get a shot; what you do with it is up to you.'”

“There are expectations that come with joining the Knicks; there’s a lot that comes with it.”

“You are a god if you win in New York,” says Frank Sinatra.
“You are the king.”

“I didn’t want to be like some other individuals who jump on the bandwagon of another club only to get a ring.”

“I think television commentators may become mired down with statistics and personal agendas a lot of the time.”

“I’m not out there to compete for popularity.”
“I’m playing basketball to win games.”

Reggie Miller Quote #62 of 100

“The nicest thing is to enter an opponent arena with 15,000 people watching you.
That is the most wonderful sensation.”

“I’m not sure about being the most popular; I’m not into people patting you on the back.”

“I don’t have any negative feelings towards Los Angeles.”

“I made some four-point shots.”

“My range is as far as the coaches aren’t going to have a heart attack.”

“When I was in ninth or tenth grade, Cheryl was All-American and got all the attention.”
‘Why isn’t anyone paying attention to me?’ I wondered.
I used to wish I was Reggie Smith or Reggie Jackson instead of Reggie Miller.”

“I’m always available.
“I’m open as soon as I pass the half-court line.”

“Other teams fear me just by being out there.”
I’d concern them even if I was playing on my deathbed.”

“I’m the boss.”

“Forwards are either too tall for me, or guards are too tiny, and I shoot over them.”

“On the court, people think I’m cold and indifferent.
Let me tell you, there’s blood and guts out there.”

“I’ve always been a laid-back kind.
I’m just more competitive on the court.”

“Shaq is just a stupid dancer.”
He’s just a moron.”

“Every youngster dreams of playing in an All-Star game when they’re a kid.”

“I’m a really self-assured person.”

“Indiana is a lot slower than California, and I adore it.”

“Coming from L.A., rush hour on the freeways from 8 to 10 a.m. and 3 to 5 p.m.
Everything was jam-packed.
There is never any traffic in Indiana.
People are friendly and helpful.
People in California are friendly and welcoming, but you never know.
You might run into Sirhan Sirhan the next day in Los Angeles.”

“Reggie was on the court.”
Reginald is in charge.”

“If one individual does not like your film, and he is strong, your film will never be shown.”

“It’s difficult for a jump shooter, particularly in a triangle offense.”

“With the triangle offense, you pretty much have predetermined rotations where you’re going to be.”

Reggie Miller Quote 83 of 100

“There were only two officials when I initially started in the league.”
So you could get away with quite a bit.”

“You have to respect me because you know I can make three-pointers.”

“My personality dictates that if I’m well enough to play, I’m going to play!”
I felt like if I was at 75, 80 percent, even if I had a sprained ankle, I could be Deion Sanders out there on the court.”

“You’re going to play me differently if I get the ball, even if I’m at 75, 80 percent, because you don’t want me to make that three.”
That is assisting my team.”

“I’d like to meet Kerri Strug.”

“I like players who can go on the road and quiet a crowd.”

“It’s difficult to top an Olympic gold medal.”

“In the men’s game, there are so many incredibly good players that no one guy can dominate year after year.”

“What qualifies me as a selfish player?”
Because I’m the one who shoots the ball?
I’m meant to make the shot.
That is how you get points.
Those points are recorded on the team’s scoreboard.”

“Overcoming my sister’s shadow was the most difficult thing I’d ever attempted.”

“It’s good for sports in general to have someone in the White House who is physically fit, loves sports, but also understands and knows how to run a country.”

“I believe that governing the country is more important than worrying about the BCS title game.”

“Everyone talks about riding in Utah, slickrock, and all that.
I browse the mountain-bike mags at the shop and think to myself, ‘That’d be amazing.'”

“I grew up with four siblings.
We were constantly on the move.
But what about camping?
I’m not a fan of the creatures at night.”

“I’m more than just a biker.
I enjoy trail running.
I have no fear of heights.
“I’m an adrenaline junkie.”

“I’m going to be overlooked forever.”
That’s the way it is.
That’s how the league operates.”

“Indy will always be a basketball state first and foremost.”

“I’m not going to broadcast indefinitely.”
I’ll probably want to do something else in basketball, which will most likely be running or assisting in the running of a team.”

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